Nov 262015

Obscene Entity-Lamentia


The East Anglian region of the UK is home to Obscene Entity. Tomorrow (November 27) is the day appointed for the release of their debut album Lamentia by Tridoid Records, and today we bring you the premiere of a full stream of the album.

Lamentia follows the band’s 2012 self-titled EP, and it’s described as “a loosely-based concept album of the fragility of the human mind and states of psychosis experienced through both subjection and self-infliction”.

There is indeed a psychotic quality to the music, which combines elements of death metal, black metal, and grind to produce a harrowing flood of ferocity. The band ratchet the tension through an array of needling riffs, punishing drums, and wild, bestial shrieks and howls. When the tension breaks (and it doesn’t break often), it often happens in a catharsis of violence. Continue reading »

Nov 062012

This post is about as lame a post as any post I’ve ever posted, except for the post on Saturday that was actually entitled LAME. (My ankle is now black and blue, but improving, and thank you for asking). To be clear, this post is not lame because the music I’m recommending is lame. Far from it! It’s lame because I don’t have the time or the mental clarity to add much to the recommendations, such as an explanation.

My day job is imposing on me at the moment (and this will continue over the next two days), and to be brutally honest, I’m also experiencing some anxiety over the outcome of state and national elections. Between those two things, this is all I can manage at the moment:


A few weeks ago I reviewed a new split release by deafheaven and Bosse-De-Nage. Both of the two songs on the split are long — 10:37 and 9:02, respectively — and I expressed the opinion that together they made up one of the best short releases of 2012. When I wrote the review, only the deafheaven track was available for streaming. Now, so is the Bosse-De-Nage track.

The split will be released by The Flenser Records on November 20, both on vinyl and digitally. The vinyl can be pre-ordered from The Flenser here, and it’s also available at deafheaven’s store at this location. Watch The Flenser Facebook or Bandcamp pages for news about the digital release. The BDN song is streaming at Stereogum as well as on YouTube, and it’s right after the jump. Continue reading »