Jul 232018


(DGR delivered a tome of reviews so massive that we decided to serialize it throughout the week so as to avoid fracturing your spine beneath its weight.)

On occasion we find ourselves backlogged with albums that we want to write about but seem never able to find the time to do so. Sometimes this results in multiple review ideas getting tossed and never revisited,  and at other times you get posts like this one as we deseperately try to hammer out a whole bunch of reviews about EVERYTHING that we’ve been listening to.

Our own Andy Synn is particularly good at this, I, however, am not. Thus, in an effort to clean up the 11 different text files I had sitting on my desktop of half-written reviews seemingly going nowhere before I got distracted by the next thing that would wind up half-written before I made a vain effort to go back to an earlier review in order to finish that up, we find ourselves with a collection of shorter and sweeter reviews. I’ll still attempt to deep dive on the discs, but overall this is just a collection of every awesome thing I’ve been listening to that we haven’t taken the time to fully discuss yet.

In this case that means 13 different releases (rather than 11), unsorted by genre and from all varying walks of all things heavy. So, with the floodgates now fully open, let us wade forth into the rushing waters of heavy metal to recommend some stuff that perhaps might have flown by you. Continue reading »

Aug 132013

(DGR digs deep into the underground with this review of the first EP by a band who’ve named themselves President Streetwalker.)

Occasionally while surfing music you’ll come across a band right as they are getting their start. Such was the case with President Streetwalker, a group I found while investigating what another band I enjoyed (Khaozone) was up to. When I went to their page, I found a post about this band, only to discover that guys involved with one had split off to do this as well.

The group consists of vocalist Lucem Fero – who has been around quite a bit within the specific circle of Khaozone, Tyrant Of Death, his own solo projects, and this — and instrumentalist/vocalist Candy, who is responsible for all of the noise on top of the occasional vocal contribution. President Streetwalker pitch themselves as grind for the people, while being one of the most insanely noisy, chaotic groups out there and one that reaches far beyond the realms of their initially stated genre.

The Streetwalker EP is a four-track monster that begins with two songs that remain heavily in grind territory while incorporating some industrial elements — those are probably the closest I’ve ever heard a band come to intruding on The Amenta’s territory, something that I hadn’t thought possible. Continue reading »