Feb 192021


The prolific Swiss artist Bornyhake Ormenos has assumed many musical guises in a career that now spans more than two decades — more than 25 past and current bands and projects according to Metal-Archives, including Borgne, Enoid, Ancient Moon, My Death Belongs To You, and The Path Of Memory. One of those projects is Pure, a solo black metal endeavor that was born during 2013 as a result of “a tormenting and egregious experience painfully born” by Bornyhake.

Since then Pure has released four albums, and now a fifth one is on the way, following the last by roughly four years. Entitled Seeds of Despair, it will be co-released on March 30th by Satanath Records and Obscure Abhorrence Productions. It is described on behalf of the labels as music “for loners and secluded people who have the habit to follow the mind-stultifying smoke to some ineffable fields close to Judas Iscariot, Horna, Gorgoroth, and Lifelover…” And today we present one of the new songs, fittingly named “The Boundary Between Light and Shadow“. Continue reading »

Jan 082018


In an effort to catch up with new music that appeared last week (or in some cases that I only discovered last week), I’ve resorted to a two-part OVERFLOWING STREAMS post. And for those who haven’t noticed the format of these posts, they’re a form of personal surrender to the flood of new music. I enjoy writing thoughts about what I want to recommend, but in posts such as this one I just let the music speak for itself because there’s so much to recommend that I don’t have time to blurt out my own reactions.

In the first part of this post I decided to collect only new split releases that I’ve recently found. To be sure, these aren’t the only splits that I’ve discovered recently — some I intend to listen to but haven’t heard yet. These, I’ve at least listened to once and have had positive reactions, and perhaps you will too. The first one is really hot off the presses, since it just appeared over the weekend. Continue reading »

Apr 162017


Earlier this month I wrote (here) about the two songs that were then available for streaming from J’aurais Dû, the new fourth album by the Swiss black metal project Pure, which will be released on May 13 by Symbol of Domination (Belarus) and Obscure Abhorrence(Germany). And now we bring you the opportunity to experience a third track in addition to those two: “Le jour où je suis mort” (the day I died).

Pure is a solo project founded by Bornyhake, from such bands as Borgne, Enoid, Deathrow, and Darvaza, and also a former member of Kawir. Continue reading »

Apr 022017


I didn’t damage myself too badly last night, only moderately, and so I was able to prepare this selection of music that I thought was worth recommending. I’m beginning with songs from forthcoming albums by four bands and concluding with two recent EPs.

Much of the music in this collection isn’t strictly black metal, but has enough kinship to the genre that I can justify including it. Hope you find some things to like.


In another one of these SHADES OF BLACK posts last month I reported that Prosthetic Records would be releasing the debut album Strike Mortal Soil by Vancouver, BC’s Wormwitch on May 12. At that point I didn’t have any music to share with you, but now I do. Continue reading »