Jun 122020


(This is Vonlughlio’s review of the recently released second album by the Indonesian brutal death metal band RAW.)

Today I am taking the opportunity to review the sophomore effort of RAW (Indonesia) entitled Languish, which was released via Brutal Mind this past March 31st.  The project mastermind is none other than Aditya, who is well-known in the Indonesian Brutal Death Meal scene for his other bands Gerogot and Brain Damage (both amazing).

RAW’s inception was back in 2015 and it released 2-song demo that year, and a single later in 2017. We had the opportunity to review the band’s debut album The Persecute Heinous here at NCS; it was one of my favorite 2018 BDM releases. Continue reading »

Aug 302018


(Vonlughlio reviews the debut album by the one-man brutal death metal band RAW from Surabaya, Indonesia.)

Today’s write-up is about the debut of the Indonesian Brutal Death Metal band Raw entitled The Persecute Heinous, set to be released via Brutal Mind on August 31st. But before we get into that gem of BDM, I want to talk about the label.

Brutal Mind is an Indonesian label established in 2009 and their main chief, Mr. Deni Lisain, is well-respected in the scene, due to his hard work and dedication to the genre. How he has been able through the years to amass fans from around the world is something amazing. Continue reading »