Dec 302022

One of the ways we’ve tried to help introduce our visitors to new music that might strike a chord with them is through premieres of new songs and complete releases. During 2022 we did that almost every week-day for 52 weeks, and now we’ve arrived at our final premiere of 2022. And what we’re presenting now could hardly be a more fitting way to draw a heavy shroud over a moribund year.

What you’re about to hear is the opening song from Praeparet Bellum, the forthcoming seventh album by NY-based Rigor Sardonicous in a career that has spanned more than 30 years. It also happens to be this steadfast duo’s first full-length in a decade, and so calling it “long awaited” is an understatement.

As in the case of that long-ago last album, 2012’s Ego Diligio Vos, the Memento Mori label will usher the new one into the world, with the crypt doors set to open on January 23rd. Continue reading »

Oct 242018

Photo by Melissa Mason


(Comrade Aleks interviews Joseph Fogarazzo, guitarist/vocalist of the long-running NY band Rigor Sardonicous, whose new EP will be released on November 11th.)

Rigor Sardonicous was born in 1988 somewhere in Long Island, but despite that long history this death-doom band remains one of those deep-rooted in the underground outfits with almost nothing you can read about. Actually, it’s hard to find lots of followers when the band fights for a bloody low, almost primitive, sound…

However, Joseph Fogarazzo (guitars, vocals) and Glenn Hampton (bass) have kept it untouched for more than two decades. So if you’re ready to learn a few more things about this obscure and death-soaked outfit, let’s try. Joseph found some time to answer my questions. Continue reading »