Nov 062011

(I had a few hiccups with yesterday’s posts because I was hurrying to get them formatted and scheduled for appearance while at the same time trying to bolt from my abode for the vacation I am now enjoying. One of my hiccups was to post only half of a piece that TheMadIsraeli had sent me called “A Brutal Ass Morning”. So, pretending that I did that on purpose, today we’re running “Part 2” of that two-part post.)

I featured Rooks in a little EP download package I posted a long-ass time ago (here) which included their debut EP Infinite. I completely forgot they were coming out with a second EP Infinite II, and it completely passed me by. It’s more of the same brutally-pissed-off-as-all-consuming-fuck djeathcore that attracted me to them in the first place. How anyone can deny the power behind this music is beyond me. I also enjoy the fact that the lyrics of the tune I’m including — “Bounce” — are basically a vehement mission statement against black metal bands. You can check out Rooks on Facebook here. And there are more bands and music to come after this clip:

(moar after the jump . . .)
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Jun 062011

(Intrepid NCS writer Israel Flanders has single-handedly convinced three excellent and musically diverse bands — The Apocryphal Order (The Faroe Islands), Shattered Skies (Ireland), and Rooks (Illinois) — to let us offer you their recent EP’s for free download, and we’re bundling them together for you in a package. But first, Israel has a few words of introduction . . .)

Guess what, I have a special treat for you today. Three bands agreed to let me post their EP’s today, so what I got for you is a music bundle! I’m gonna do brief summaries of these for you guys and let you be on your way =)

Go read my review of The Apocryphal Order’s self-titled EP here (“this album is full of furious thrash and death metal riffing, every drum beat you could possibly imagine, tempo changes, brutal hoarse vocals . . . . imagine a love child of Death, Testament, Forbidden, and Deicide“). (more after the jump . . .) Continue reading »