Nov 062021


Given the usual massive flood of new music this past week, I was hell-bent on getting at least one round-up completed before the weekend — but I failed. I had this lined up for Friday, with all the picks made, but ran out of time before I could finish it.

About these picks: When I made the selection on Friday morning it didn’t turn out at all like I thought it would. I had been building a mental list during the week just based on the band names I added to my monstrous list, most of them at least fairly well-known, but not one of those names is included here.

What happened was that as I started listening, this group just fell into place before I ever got to the names that had affixed themselves to my mental plan. These fell into place because they are all intense assaults on the senses and the emotions, albeit in different ways, until you reach the final track, which helped me partially recover from all the music that preceded it — but that last song still haunts me. Continue reading »

Oct 232018


After immediately making a name for themselves with their 2015 debut album, Ikuisen Tulen Kammiossa, the Finnish black metal horde Sacrificium Carmen are now roaring back with a new full-length named Hermetica, which like the debut will be released on November 16th by Saturnal Records. As the album’s title suggests, the band continue to draw their inspirations exclusively from Satanism and the realms of the occult. As the music demonstrates, they’ve moved from strength to further strength.

The album title track that we’re presenting today as the November 16 release date draws closer is a prime example of the band’s heightened ability to create music of thrilling ferocity and compulsive rhythmic power while lacing their violent volleys with alluring melodies that your mind will hang onto. Continue reading »

Sep 292015



The first minute of the new song we’re premiering today by Sacrificium Carmen reaches out and seizes the listener by the neck immediately. Its huge, rolling riffs, massive drum strikes, and grim melody (both doleful and ominous) — capped by a protracted lycanthropic howl — compel attention and will get your head moving, too. And the song does nothing but tighten its iron grip as it continues to unfold.

The name of the song is “Verialkemia” and it’s the sixth track on this Finnish black metal band’s debut album Ikuisen Tulen Kammiossa, which is set for international release by Saturnal Records on October 30th. Continue reading »