Feb 112020


We had some favorable things to say about Death•Spirit•Continuum, the 2019 compilation of demos by Saltas that first brought this formidable Swedish duo to our attention. We also remarked about how powerfully it created a deepening, and almost suffocating, atmosphere of disease, decay, and desolation, while managing to achieve hypnotic effects despite how emotionally unsettling and unnerving the music often was.

We have been eagerly anticipating something further from Saltas, and now we have it — a debut album named Mors Salis – Opus I that will be released on March 15th by Nuclear War Now! Productions. Created by the same two members who first appeared through the pair of demos on that compilation — guitarist N.R. of Runemagick and The Funeral Orchestra, among others, and drummer C.J., known for his work in Irkallian Oracle — the album is an arcane death ritual, immersing the listener in an experience that draws upon death and doom metal but goes far beyond familiar conventions into other-dimensional realms.

The first preview track from the album, “Dimensional Seismic Waves“, was a profoundly eerie and head-spinning piece of bizarre sonic alchemy — intricate in its composition, twisted in its path, and blood-freezing in its effects. And now we have a second track to present: “Astral Funeral March“. Continue reading »