Oct 262020


(This is Vonlughlio’s enthusiastic review of the new album by the Spanish brutal death metal band Scatology Secretion, which has just been released by Pathologically Explicit Recordings.)

Today’s subject is the second offering, titled Submerged in Glacial Ruin, by the international band Scatology Secretion. It has just been released by the Spanish label Pathologically Explicit Recordings. I previously reviewed their 2017 debut album The Ramifications of a Global Calamity here, and it ended up being on my list of top BDM albums of that year at No Clean Singing.

As time passed since then, no news regarding the project came to light and I was worried that it had ceased to exist. But early this year it was announced that they had signed with Pathologically Explicit and they released the cover of the new effort. I was truly excited, as the art suggested they would continue their theme of world apocalypse but set it in a cold realm of nothingness. Continue reading »

Oct 232017


(Vonlughlio brings us another review of brutal death metal, this time focusing on the new release by the multinational band Scatology Secretion.)

This time around I decided to do a small write-up about a new BDM band that formed in the beginning of this year. The project is called Scatology Secretion, with none other that Justin Downs (from Human Excoriation, Vituperate, Purulent Necrosis) on vocals, Oscar Fixation (of Fixation on Suffering, ex-Cerebral Effusion) on guitars, and Squeezer on drums.

In their short time as a band they were signed by rising new BDM label Reality Fade Records and this past July released their first demo entitled Inauspicious Apocalyptic Inception. That struck me as one of the best BDM demos released this year, a display of old-school BDM that reminded me of Brodequin and to some extent Disgorge.

But that wasn’t all the band accomplished this year. Not long after the release of the demo the label announced they were going to release their first full-length in 2017 as well. At that moment I must admit I was a bit worried. I mean, they just released a demo, and usually it takes time for a band to work up to the next musical endeavor. Also, I wondered whether they would they keep the same direction or change to a different sound. Would they pull an Illud upon us fans? Continue reading »