Oct 262020


(This is Vonlughlio’s enthusiastic review of the new album by the Spanish brutal death metal band Scatology Secretion, which has just been released by Pathologically Explicit Recordings.)

Today’s subject is the second offering, titled Submerged in Glacial Ruin, by the international band Scatology Secretion. It has just been released by the Spanish label Pathologically Explicit Recordings. I previously reviewed their 2017 debut album The Ramifications of a Global Calamity here, and it ended up being on my list of top BDM albums of that year at No Clean Singing.

As time passed since then, no news regarding the project came to light and I was worried that it had ceased to exist. But early this year it was announced that they had signed with Pathologically Explicit and they released the cover of the new effort. I was truly excited, as the art suggested they would continue their theme of world apocalypse but set it in a cold realm of nothingness.

Soon after the announcement they released a song that enhanced my interest even more. Two more song premieres followed that showcased this band’s musical prowess in creating something special that more BDM fans should notice. Still, I admit that when I received the promo for this release I was beyond nervous — but once I hit play it just blew me away!!!!

This time around, the gang — Oscar (guitars/bass), Justin (vocals), and Roman (drums) — really have crafted something special, and it will not surprise me if it ends up in a lot of year-end lists (it’s that good). Guitar-driven, with relentless blast-beats, the album hooks the listener fast and doesn’t let go. Each of the nine songs is unique in its own way, but they come together to tell a story of gore in an apocalyptic setting.

The vocals are excellent, creating patterns that are well-done and fit perfectly within the music.  Out of all the projects Justin has been part of (Human Excoriation, Vituperate, Purulent Necrosis) this is one of my favorite ones — his vocals took it to another level.

The guitars and bass here are executed with gutting precision by Oscar (Esophageal, Molecular Fragmentation, Septycemia, Strappado) giving us a spectacular performannce with riffs that are the driving force within the music. The man has riffs that will haunt you for days, weeks, and even years (in a good way). The drumming this time around, handled my Roman (Esophageal, Infibulated, ByoNoiseGenerator), are great. To put it simply, the man is a machine, and he never ceased to impress me with this skills behind the kit. His contributions to each of the album’s chapters are inspiring.

Overall, this is a release that should be on every BDM fan’s radar. This is truly a great band who have given us great music, with no compromise to their artistic vision and sound.  So now that the release date has arrived, check them out and give them a chance. I hope their music will earn your affection and support.






  1. ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠
    ☠Chunk after Chunk☠☠
    ☠Of carnage. absolutely ☠
    ☠Wicked album.Fucking☠
    ☠Brutal Fatality. ☠☠☠☠


  2. This is some of the best BDM I’ve heard in a long, long time. Wow.

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