Jun 102017

Daniele Valeriani: “Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni” (2017)


(Andy Synn wrote this thought piece — and provides some musical recommendations at the end.)


As part of a new initiative here at NCS, designed to give Islander some time off over the weekend (as well as serve as an intervention for his crippling blog addiction), I’m planning to put together a little something every Saturday – be it a review, an interview, or an opinion piece – to help tide over our readers until the inevitable Monday (editor’s intrusion: and Sunday!) rush of content comes back around.

So here goes nothing… Continue reading »

Apr 042017


The French band TreyHarsh released their debut album Reverse in 2013, and are now on the verge of returning with their second full-length, When the Sun Sets In the East. It’s scheduled for release by THRecords on April 7th, and today we’ve got the premiere of a song from the album named “The Taste Ov Childhood“.

TreyHarsh characterize their music as “dark sludge”, and this new song is definitely dark, with a sinister atmosphere that emanates throughout its mix of heavy, bludgeoning grooves and jolting, cutting riffs. Continue reading »