Jul 092016



If you’re reading this, it means you survived another week. Congratulations. That seems like good cause for celebration, since about 155,000 people die every day on average.

To help you celebrate, here’s a collection of new music I sifted from the never-ending torrent of new metal over the last 48 hours, presented in alphabetical order by band name.


The Italian death metal band ADE, whom we last mentioned in these pages almost four years ago, have a new album headed our way on July 15 via Spain’s Xtreem Music. Like its predecessors, Carthago Delenda Est again draws upon themes from ancient Roman history, and the title suggests that its focus is on Rome’s efforts to destroy the North African city-state of Carthage in the Punic Wars. The Font of All Human Knowledge tells us: Continue reading »

Jan 072016



Our evolving list of 2015’s “most infectious songs” has been short on doom so far, but I’m addressing that deficit today with the two newest additions to the list. To see and hear what has come before, go here.


After a seven-year wait following their last full-length, these Finnish progenitors of funeral doom returned in full force with 2015’s Ordeal — a truly magnificent album. My first exposure to music from the album came at last May’s Maryland Deathfest, where Skepticism appeared in broad daylight at the Edison Lot and proceeded to stagger and mesmerize the crowd with the tragic strains of their sound notwithstanding all the brightness in the sky. Continue reading »

May 192015


Valborg definitely march to the beat of their own drummer, and perhaps nothing could more clearly prove that point than the new song and video we are premiering today. The music is “Sulphur Vitriol Angel” and it comes from the band’s new album Romantik, which has just become available digitally and is due for release next month on vinyl via Temple of Torturous.

I recommend that you listen to the song at least twice — once while watching the video and once without watching. The video was created by German artist Soheyl Nassary, who also made a video for another Valborg song,  “Under the Cross”. As the band explain: Continue reading »