Mar 312020


(For the March 2020 edition of The Synn Report, Andy Synn has combined reviews and streams of all the releases by the Australian black metal band Wardaemonic, including their newest album Acts of Repentance, which was released by Transcending Obscurity Records on March 20th.)

Recommended for fans of: Immortal, Mayhem, 1349

From its humble beginnings in the streets and suburbs of Norway, Black Metal has stretched its eldritch tendrils far and wide, resulting in new cults and covens springing up all over the world.

There is, perhaps, no better example of how the genre has metastasised and infected practically every corner of the globe than Wardaemonic, who, despite hailing from the Western coast of Australia – about as far, both in distance and climate, from the Norwegian fjords as it’s possible to get – have spent the last fifteen years establishing their own place in the ever-growing legacy of Black Metal.

The group’s fourth (and possibly finest) album, Acts of Repentance, was released just over a week ago, so now seemed like the perfect time to bring their work to a wider audience. Continue reading »

Jan 302020


Wardaemonic’s new album Acts of Repentance unfolds in five Acts, and together they create an ambitious black metal pageant that’s grand in its scope, multi-faceted and technically extravagant in its presentation, and relentlessly electrifying. It creates emotionally powerful sensations of mystery and magic, of fearsome peril and rocketing frenzy, of wonder and wild abandon.

So far, Transcending Obscurity Records, which will release the album on March 20th, has made two of those Acts public, and today we’re presenting a third one, whose name is “Sufferance“. Continue reading »

Aug 062016



I am so damned happy that I have a reason to put Australian artist Chris Cold’s phenomenal album art for Wardaemonic’s Obsequium on our site again. The last time was in February 2015 when we had the pleasure of premiering a song from that album named “Endless War”. And today the occasion is our premiere of an official music video for Obsequium’s opening track, “Drowning In Seas of Wretchedness“.

For those who may be discovering Wardaemonic for the first time through this post, they are from Perth, Australia, and Obsequium is the band’s third album, and their fourth release overall. And for those who are new to the band, this video makes for a compelling introduction. Continue reading »

Feb 232015


On January 3 of this year I saw the remarkable artwork you’re now looking at, a piece named “The Cold Steps To Solitude” by the Australian artist Chris Cold that was then destined to appear as the cover of an album by a band from Perth named Wardaemonic. I remember the date because I wasted no time in posting it on our site’s Facebook page. And I thought to myself, if the music turns out to be as good as the art, the album is going to be an eye-opener, too.

The name of the album is Obsequium, it’s due for release on March 13, and we have the pleasure of premiering its first advance track, “Endless War”.

That’s a fitting title for this song, because it’s a full-force black metal blitzkrieg of blasting drums, storming tremolo riffs, and razor-edged shrieks. The boiling conflagration is punctuated by bursts of dual-guitar jabbing and it subsides in the closing minutes to make room for a slow, sinuous passage of atmospheric melody, moving like poison fog across the blasted battlefield. Continue reading »