Mar 222017


After releasing a demo and a debut album named Lightning Medicine in 2013 and a split LP with Goya in 2015, Seattle-based Wounded Giant have a new album headed our way via STB Records on April 1. The album’s name is Vae Victis, and that’s also the name of the song from the album we’re about to hit you with.

And make no mistake, it will hit you — hard. It simulates the experience of being beaten with a length of lumber at the same time as a psychoactive potion penetrates the blood-brain barrier and someone carves a message into your forearm with a razor blade. Continue reading »

Jan 042016

Wounded Giant - 1


(Comrade Aleks somehow snuck into our own backyard and interviewed Bobby James, vocalist/guitarist of Seattle’s Wounded Giant.)

As it seems that I’ve managed to escape from the Italian doom mafia, I had some time to reveal something new for our loyal readers who have enough patience for slow and heavy stuff. Wounded Giant came from Seattle (Hey! Islander! Is it true?!), and they are about slow, dark, heavy, and a bit psychedelic horror doom metal.

Drums are played by Alex Bytnar, bass is played by Dylan A. Rogers, and Bobby James displays fantastic skill singing and playing the guitar at the same time. What does he sing about? About Clive Barker sadistic nightmares, Lovecraftian horrors, and other things that mostly lie between those two mentioned above. So Bobby is here, and he has something to say. Continue reading »