Jan 252011

It don’t take much to get us sidetracked here at NCS. As you know, we’ve got the attention spans of sand fleas on a crowded beach. Case in point:

We wuz crankin away, tryin to get an album review finished, and made the mistake of using lolcat-speak on a post about how you can upload your own image to use with comments on this site. That prompted our buddy Phro to make an lolcat-style caption for a band photo we ran recently in another post. And it prompted ElvisShotJFK to suggest that lollorises would be more NCS-friendly than lolcatz. (That may be a cryptic reference to some of you, so you can go here if you want to see where it came from.)

Anyway, those comments made the dim lightbulbs in our heads flare briefly, and we put aside the album review and got to work on those ideas. Actually, we only got to work on one of them, and for the other, we talked Phro into doing all the work. He created captions for a batch of band photos, most of which we’d run in recent NCS features (except a scary one of Suffocation’s Frank Mullen with a shotgun), and sent us the links for his creations. And we used lolcat-builder to create captions for some loris photos, like the one up above.

After the jump, we’ve got a montage of Phro’s work with band photos interspersed with our loris pics. Is this metal? Probably not. Is it funny? Probably not. Is it now out of our system, so we can go back to writing about music? Probably not. Is it too late to stop us from running this post? Absofuckinglutely.  (subtract IQ points by continuing after the jump . . .)

  32 Responses to “LOLlorises/LOLbandz”


    Seriously. Maniacal giggling.

    • I iz still laffin at urs 2!!

      • ZOMG!!! W00T W00T!!!

        We’z b rollinz ‘n teh lulz.

        • WE CAN HAZ LULZ! Who cares if no one else thinks this is funny!

          • They think it’s funny…they just haven’t cleaned the poopies out of their pants yet after that Frank Mullen picture.

            Seriously. That guy scares me as much as the drummer from Deicide.

            (Have you seen the documentary where he’s showing off all his guns?)

            I’m pretty pro-gun (it’s my one right leaning tendency) and that guy still scared me.

            It wasn’t the guns–it was the look that said he probably wanted to use them. On anything.

            • Haven’t seen that, but I have seen this from an interview he gave in 2006:

              Rhythm: On DEICIDE’s last DVD, you showed the interviewer your gun collection. A lot of people think that Americans are obsessed with guns. How do you feel about that?

              Steve: “If that’s what they think, then fair enough. I don’t think I’m obsessed with guns. There are not just plenty of people in America who are obsessed with guns, but also with sex, money and whatever else. It’s just the ease with which guns are available, particularly down here in the South. I think it’s all part of the government’s strategy to keep guns proliferated down here in the South.”

              Rhythm: How does that benefit the government?

              Steve: “It’s gonna make it harder for people to land here. I mean, why are there no guns in New York, but there are a million and ten guns in Florida and the entire South — Texas, Alabama and all the way up to Maryland?”

              Uh, what? It’s gonna make it harder for people to land there? Who the fuck would want to “land there”? And I say that as an ex-Southerner. I like Deicide plenty, but this is some authentic frontier gibberish.

              • I think I understand the point he was trying to make….
                though I’m not really sure if the point itself makes sense.

                Either way…

                Frank MuLOLen!`

  2. Throw in one awkward girl (me) and a bunch of bad denim vests, and the “@ da danc” picture pretty much perfectly captures my buddies and I in high school. We were philosophical. Introspective. Pimply.

    What band is that, anyway?

  3. Dude!!! You missed one!!!

    This guy should totally be the NCS mascot. No. Fucking. Doubt.


  4. Dear Lord, what have we unleashed?

  5. caption: I chokes dis hairless bitch!

  6. I’ve got another one: “Hnnnnn!!! Why you wantz me pull your finger?!”

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