Feb 222011

Sweden’s The Haunted have a new album — Unseen — scheduled for release by Century Media next month. In late January, we featured a new song called “No Ghost” from the album that the band performed live on Swedish TV, and then added to that videos of other songs from the band’s diverse history of music (here).

Last night The Haunted premiered yet another new song from Unseen on a BBC radio program, which allegedly will be streaming on the BBC site for the next six days (though we couldn’t find a live streaming link). But we’ve also got a YouTube clip of the song, as ripped from the radio show, for you to hear.

The album art for Unseen has also become available since our last post, which you can see above. It’s by a friend of the band named Frode, who also did the art for the band’s rEVOLVEr album (2004). We’re not sure what the butterfly-wings-plus-grasping-hand imagery means, but we like the color scheme, especially because it resembles our own.

As for the song, it doesn’t sound anything like “No Ghost” — but as we said in the earlier post, you never really know what you’re going to get from this band. This one is pretty straight-up hard rock. It’s got a heavy undercarriage with some nice lead guitar phrases and a compulsive rhythm section, but there’s nothing but clean singing.  Sigh.  Listen after the jump . . .

  16 Responses to “NEW SONG FROM THE HAUNTED”

  1. Oh god…

    I could not finish it. WHAT THE FUCK!?!? WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY HAUNTED!!! must interview… must…INTERROGATE.

  2. I like it.

    I’m not sure why, but I do.

  3. I like it too, but at the same time, The Haunted have never done it for me. So their obvious change in direction may appeal to me.

    Also, anyone heard the new Illdisposed song…it has synths?! And it rules…

  4. I feel like I just turned on a college rock station in the early 2000s…

  5. Immense dislike. From this and No Ghost I can only envision a hideous commercialized cash grab. Time will tell, I suppose!

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