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I had only planned to feature one Finnish band yesterday (Decaying), y’know, because, like, I didn’t wanna come off as such a Finland fanboy that people would think we don’t have any objectivity about Finnish metal at all, like, people will think we get off on the sound of Finnish bands taking a big dump in the gold-plated, mic-ed up toilets that all people in Finland have, with the sounds becoming instant demo’s that metal labels worldwide just eat up like good fucking pancakes.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I was only going to feature one Finnish band yesterday, even though I saw this review at Steff Metal. But that was yesterday and today is today, so I’m going with it now. Maybe if you see just an excerpt from her review you’ll understand why NOT listening to this band was an impossibility for me:

Observation is a shocker of an album – it’s a prime example of a bunch of talented musicians taking an idea and running with it, no holds barred, no stopping to wonder if maybe they’re being a bit silly. It’s an album that, had some lesser bunch of weirdos put it out, it would have been the shittiest album of the year. But this bunch of weirdos know exactly what they’re doing. . . .

The music consists of sporadic, fuzzy riffs, catchy hooks and song structures that could only occur when Dr. Frankenstein took the brains of every member of Kalmah and stuck them into Rammstein. The vocals alternate between a artificially distorted screeches, and that low goth industrial rumble that turns most girl’s insides all mushy. Add a splattering of electronic blips and bloops, and some lyrics about science gone mad, and you’ve got mathdeathboogie, my new favorite made-up genre.

(more after the jump . . .)

Mathdeathboogie? Are we witnessing the birth of a new metal genre? That’s what I asked myself, and finding the answer to that question was a reason to check out this music, but the fact that Steff liked the music and found it so weirdly interesting was reason enough. So, I jumped over to The Physicists’ ReverbNation page and immediately saw a smaller version of this:

This must be what happens when you lock up a buncha Finns for 90 days with nothing to read but books on quantum mechanics and string theory and then let them run wild in a chem lab, drinking whatever happens to be in the beakers that day. And then, if you give them electrified instruments, which all Finns apparently know how to play instinctively, you get what I heard on that ReverbNation player.

As for what the music sounds like, I can’t improve on Steff’s review, so I’m not going to try. I’ll only add that the shit rocks. I may have heard something like it before, but damned if I can remember where or when. Listen up, and if you like this as much as I do, you can visit the band’s ReverbNation page (here) and buy the songs using the “Visit Store” button. Their Facebook is here, and their official web site is at this location.

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  1. Oh my god this band is amazing hahaha thank you for the link!

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