May 132012

Klonosphere is a French business devoted to organizing and promoting musical performances and releasing music, with distribution provided by Season of Mist. Their name has been associated with a number of bands we’ve featured at NCS over the years. This morning I discovered that they’ve released an 18-track sampler of music from Klonosphere bands for free download. The sampler includes music from five bands we’ve featured at NCS (each of these names are links that will take you to our features about them):


These bands are all so good — and their music is so diverse — that it bodes well for everything else on this sampler. I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but I did pick out a few songs at random from bands whose names were new to me. I’ll stream those after the jump and provide a link for the download.

Here’s the complete track list, along with links to web pages for each band:

1.  TREPALIUM / Let the Clown Rise / 4.16
2. HYPNO5E   / Six Fingers in One Hand She Holds the Dawn ( part II edit ) 5.45 /
3. MEMORIES OF A DEAD MAN / Tomorrow At Dawn… / 4.30 /
4. JENX / RFID / 1.54 /
5. PICTURED / Another / 4.48 /
6. HYPERDUMP / Hatred / 3.28 /
7. THE MISTAKEN SONS OF ALABAMA / Simple and Plain / 3.43 /
8. JUMPING JACK / Into My Eyes / 4.11 /
9. WILD / Wake Initiated Lucid Dream / 4.16 /
10. WEAKSAW / Oil Slick / 4.11 /
11. NOJIA / Shattered Species ( edit ) / 4.26 /
12. STEP IN FLUID / Vicious Connection / 4.25 /
13. NEPHALOKIA / Sunshine / 4.21 /
14. DWAIL/ Helter Skelter / 3.56 /
15. KLONE / Monster / 4.11 /
16. NAMI / The Pattern / 3.58 /
17. NOEIN / The Shout / 4.13 /
18. THE BRUTAL DECEIVER / Disclosed Deception ( pre-prod new album ) / 3.45 /

Here are a few of the songs:

Trepalium: “Let the Clown Rise”

[audio:|titles=Trepalium – Let the clown rise]

Memories Of A Dead Man: “Tomorrow At Dawn”

[audio:|titles=Memories Of A Dead Man – Tomorrow at dawn]

The Mistaken Sons of Alabama: “Simple and Plain”

[audio:|titles=The Mistaken Sons of Alabama – Simple and plain]

Weaksaw: “Oil Slick”

[audio:|titles=Weaksaw – Oil slick]

And now, HERE is the link for the download.  Be aware that if you click this link, the download will begin immediately (it’s a compressed .rar file).


  1. Yay for more free tunes! Klone’s the only one of these bands I’ve really listened to at length, but maybe I’ll find something else that gets my attention.

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