May 182012

Skogsrået, Näcken Och Djävulen [“The Call of the Nature-Demons (in the Name of 1000 Devils)”] is the title of Mikael Häll’s doctoral dissertation on the subject of sexual intercourse with nature spirits and demons in 17th and 18th century Sweden. It will be published later this year by Malört Förlag, a Swedish publishing house that specializes in “texts about the fantastic, the numinous and the aberrant.”  It sounds like an interesting book, especially since it may explain the ancestral roots of why Sweden produces so many killer metal bands.

I would also like to applaud Malört Förlag for coming up with the idea of issuing a soundtrack for every book they release.  And, of course, what better way to read about sexual intercourse with nature spirits and demons in 17th and 18th century Sweden than to do it while listening to Rotting Christ and Negative Plane.  That’s what Malört Förlag decided, and it sounds like a fuckin’ good idea to me.

Malört Förlag is now selling a 7″ vinyl single to accompany the book which includes two exclusive new tracks by those bands. I still haven’t figured out what turntable to buy, but I’ve ordered this single as further inducement to get my damned ass in gear and get a turntable, and also because both bands are awesome.  You can buy the single, too, by following this link.

I wish I could stream these two songs for you, but I haven’t found them online yet.  HOWEVER, while we’re on the subject of things related to Rotting Christ, earlier this week a new song was released by Thou Art Lord, which is a side project of Rotting Christ’s guitarist/vocalist Sakis. More about that after the jump, including a link for a free download of the single.

Thou Art Lord was formed by Sakis and The Magus (Necromantia) nearly 20 years ago. They’ve released four full-lengths in that span of time, the latest being 2005’s Orgia Daemonicum. The new song (by the original line-up) is called “Three-Headed Hydra”. It’s a riveting cannonade of thrashing black/death.  Really excellent stuff, and I hope there is more like this on the way. Here’s the song:

“Three-Headed Hydra”

[audio:|titles=Thou Art Lord – Three-headed Hydra]

As for the free download, you can get that on this page — and it appears to be authorized because the link was provided by Thou Art Lord on their Facebook page — which had 666 likes at the time I wrote this post (seriously).

(Many thanks to Utmu for tipping me to the news about the RC/Negative Plane split.)


  1. Killer track and the book sounds interesting!!! will need to check it out in the near future

  2. Just a note on the the book´s title: The correct translation is “The Forest-Nymph, the Neck and the Devil” (the Neck – Näcken – is a Swedish water-spirit). The title “The Call of the Nature-Demons (in the Name of 1000 Devils)” is the English translation of the name of Rotting Christ´s song (“Naturdemonernas lockrop: I 1000 djävlars namn”, in Swedish).

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