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If the name Dephosphorus rings a bell, it may be because Phro recently reviewed this Greek band’s April 2012 split with Wake (here). Yesterday, thanks to a tip from NCS kvrmvdgeon KevinP, I found out that the band have finished recording a debut album called Night Sky Transform, the cover to which you can see above.

The album will be released soon on heavy vinyl by the underground German distro 7 Degrees Records. Two songs from the album are now streaming on the Dephosphorus Bandcamp page (here) — “Cold Omen” and “Uncharted”.

But that’s not all.  In June, Dephosphorus participated in a 7″ split with a Seattle band named Great Falls, which is being distributed by a vinyl subscription club called Hell Comes Home. For people like me who are turntable-deprived (yeah, I still haven’t bought one), both bands’ tracks are also streamable and downloadable at the Hell Comes Home Bandcamp page (here).

After the jump, I’ll offer a few words about the music and play the songs for you. Also after the jump: a brand new song from Aegaeon from their forthcoming EP, Being.

The two songs now available from the forthcoming Dephosphorus LP are filthy, high-rev masses of rancid guitar tone, smart drumming, and a combo of throat-bursting shrieks and voracious growls. The songs are a collision-in-progress at the three-way intersection of black metal, death metal, and grind. They jump between up-tempo gut-ripping and down-tempo . . . gut-ripping, with head-smashing groove and plenty of sonic distortion. Here they are:


Now, let’s turn to the Dephosphorus-Great Falls split, which sports this cool cover:

Each band contributes one song. The Dephosphorus track, “Stargazing and Violence”, is the sound of a massive tank rolling through a skull-filled pit of sludge. The riffs are deep and fuzzed out, a delicious mix of grinding blasts and heavy, head-snapping hammer blows. There are some unexpected clean vocals in the song to accompany the bloody shrieking. Very nice song.


The Great Falls song is called “Everything But Lightning”. It’s a surprising conflagration of really massive bass chords, crazed guitar antics, and hardcore screaming. It’s unsettling, unpredictable, and very damned cool.


Here are band links for Dephosphorus and Great Falls:



TheMadIsraeli introduced us to this unsigned Indiana band by including one of their songs in a November 2011 post called A Brutal Ass Morning. As noted earlier, they’ve completed a six-track EP — Being — that’s scheduled for release on July 20 and can be pre-ordered now in various bundles via this page. On July 6, the band released a lyric video for one of the new tracks, “Demise”.

The song is an effective ensemble of concrete-heavy, palm-muted riffs, ethereal guitar melodies, munitions-grade drumming, and brutal guttural vocals. It’s both crushing and spacey. Should be an interesting EP.


You can find Aegaeon on Facebook here. (Thanks to TheMadIsraeli for tipping me to this new track.)


  1. Dephosphorus cover is a vagina.

  2. Dephosphorus already have a debut release called Axiom which is amazing to say the least, still need to get my hands on a copy. Looking forward to their new stuff, the split with Wake is definitely a highlight of the year.

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