Aug 302012

You know, if I owned a kvlt metal record label (and therefore, by definition, did not care about food or running water), I would do something like this.

The phone would ring one day, and someone would say, “Would you be interested in signing a band composed of these folks?”

Mike Scheidt (YOB)-Vocals

John Cobbett (Hammers of Misfortune, ex-Ludicra)-Guitars

Sigrid Sheie (Hammers of Misfortune)-Bass

Aesop (Fucking) Dekker (Agalloch, Worm Ouroboros, ex-Ludicra)-Drums

I’d think on it for about two seconds, while wiping the drool off my mouth, and while the inner me would be squealing like a little girl, I’d try to play it cool and ask if there was any music to hear. And upon being told Not Yet, I’d just go ahead and give up and ask where to send the contract, and then excuse myself to go change my shorts.

I’m not exactly sure it went down like that in the offices of Profound Lore. All I know for sure is that this band is a real thing, it’s called VHÖL, they’re recording an album, and Profound Lore plans to release it.

And I know this how? Because VHÖL started a Facebook page (HERE) about two hours ago and because Profound Lore posted a link to it on their own FB page, and because Aesop Dekker put this notice about the project on his tumblr about 3 months ago, which I just saw after doing some net sleuthing.

I also know that VHÖL describes their music on FB as “Sonic catharsis” and lists one band under the category of “Artists We Also Like”: Discharge.

And that’s all I know. But really, that’s enough, ain’t it?

Very. Fucking. Stoked. About. This.

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  1. I clicked on the link going to Profound Lore’s Facebook page thinking it was VHOL’s, I looked at the number of likes and was astounded by the fact that they already had over 7000… then I realized I wasn’t on VHOL’s page.

    I don’t know if I’ve ever listened to Discharge. I know. I should be beaten with dead platypus carcasses…

    • Yes you should. HUGELY influential band. Discharge live:

      • Listened to some of the live performance, but quickly opted for a non-live recording, listened to “Protest and Survive”. It’s pretty good stuff, I find it difficult to identify what’s different between punk bands, but I liked it. I also seem to like punk, but not to the extent of metal, or even classical.

        • Well, I was into punk long before I got into metal, and it still gets my juices flowing despite the fact that I’ve moved on. To get a sense of the impact that Discharge had on all sorts of genres, including metal, I recommend this piece at The Font of All Human Knowledge:

        • There is a reason Discharge opened for Bolt Thrower at Boltfest. there is also a reason why they call it a D-beat and named a whole genre after it. (even though Motorhead did it first)

          Also: another one fo those bands that was impossible to find in the US until Metallica covered them (see: The Misfits, Diamond Head, Killing Joke)

      • Also, “dead platypus carcasses” is redundant. 😛

  2. I saw this, and immediately had to go change my shorts.
    Stoked beyond belief!

  3. Been looking forward to this for a long time. I have no diea what this will sound like. My hope is that they all heard Trap them and Black Breath and decided to show these youngsters what metllicrust should sound like.

    Have I mentioned how much I fucking love Metallicrust?

    And Hammers of Misfortune?

    And Ludicra?

    And Agalloch?

    And Yob?

    And… yessssssssss

    • “My hope is that they all heard Trap them and Black Breath and decided to show these youngsters what metllicrust should sound like.” FUCK. YES.

    • “Mmm… Crust…” were one’s first thoughts. But, then one realised that one doesn’t listen to much Crust. So, one can’t honestly say one expects a better Crust from VHÖL than from Trap Them or Black Breath (if their style really is some kind of Crust).
      Nevertheless… “YOB?! Hammers of Misfortune?! Ludicra?! and Aesop (fucking) Dekker of Agalloch?! WHEN? HOW?! I DON”T CARE WHY!

      • I may be making too much out of that Discharge mention, though I think hearing what these people would do with filthy crust punk would be awful cool. But regardless, I’m with you: “YOB?! Hammers of Misfortune?! Ludicra?! and Aesop (fucking) Dekker of Agalloch?! WHEN? HOW?! I DON”T CARE WHY!“

  4. If I had a cult metal record label I would sign a band composed of all the members of Ludicra and then force them to call their band Ludicra… and be Ludicra.

    That would show “The Man”.

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