Aug 312012

In the early days of this blog, we developed a fascination for the French metal band Eryn Non Dae.. We’ve posted about them a lot since early 2010, most recently here. The band’s own description of their music is one I would endorse: “Complex and brutal structures, black and apocalyptic moods, an obscure music where dissonant compositions carry an in-your-face, aggressive vocal style… A trip into the depths of the soul.”

Our interest began with the band’s 2009 album Hydra Lernaïa (reviewed here), and I’ve been following their news ever since, while waiting for their next release. Finally, that day is about to dawn.

The new album is named Meliora, and it will come with that wonderful cover art you see above, which was created by the band’s (obviously multi-talented) bassist Mika André. It was recorded by Mobo (Conkrete Studios), who also recorded Hydra Lernaïa as well as albums by a multitude of other French bands, including Gorod’s latest release, A Perfect Absolution. It’s scheduled for release in October, but excerpts of the songs are available for listening at this location.

Because I’m planning a full review closer to the release date, I won’t say much at this point about my reactions, except I’m blown away by what I’m hearing. It’s crushing, searing, complex, intense music. 

Late last year, the band released a video of a live performance of one of Meliora’s tracks, “Scarlet Rising”. I featured it at NCS back then, but it’s cool, and it’s what I have at the moment that I can share with you from the album, so here it is again:

  2 Responses to “ERYN NON DAE.: “MELIORA” IS COMING”

  1. I fucking love this band, and have since 2009. I first heard about them on a podcast of a Canadian independent radio show (CITR Powerchord). It had no accompanying text, and they never mentioned the label, so you can imagine my frustration at trying to figure out how to spell their name and find them.

  2. Man, that is a great crunchy mix. Can’t wait for more, something out of the box these boys are, thanks for tip off!

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