Sep 042012

Holy shit!  The last 24 hours have brought a flood of brand new music videos that are (a) constructed around kickass music of considerable diversity, and (b) fun to watch. I’ve collected five of them in this post, and have kept my introductory verbiage to a minimum so you can spend your time listening and watching.  Go!


Oblivion are Nick Vasallo (vocals, bass), Ted O’Neill (guitar), and Luis Martinez (drums). They are tech-death hell on wheels. TheMadIsraeli reviewed their 2012 demo here, and we’re damned excited about their forthcoming debut album, Called To Rise.

Today they debuted a video for the first song to be aired from the album, “Black Veils of Justice”. The song just blazes. And the video is cool, too, mixing a band performance together with an animated short film called “ARK” by Grzegorz Jonkajtys.

We’ll have more news about the new album in the near future. You can keep track of what Oblivion are up to by visiting their Facebook page. Here’s the video:



This California band is an NCS favorite whose style of music is difficult to describe in a single sentence. Think of it as Finntroll on speed? The song is “No One Survives”, from their last album, Stench (glowingly reviewed here). The video, which debuted at Bloody Disgusting today, was directed by Brandon Dermer. It’s a fuckin’ hoot to watch, and that’s all I’m sayin’.

You can stream and buy Stench on Bandcamp, and you can find the nekrogoblikons on Facebook here.



The song is “Morning Glory Clouds (In Manus Tuas Domine)” from this Portuguese band’s 2011 album Abyss Masterpiece. The music is gothic rock/metal with a combination of big, head-nodding riffs and a hooky, clean chorus. The black and white video, which debuted today, is in the style of a silent movie from the 20’s (maybe these are actual vintage clips?), but it’s kind of psychedelic, too.

The album is available here. Heavenwood can be reached on Facebook via this link.



The song is “There’s Nothing Here And It Screams”, the final track on this Australian band’s current album IO. The music is disturbing enough on its own, a mix of lunacy and gut-busting heaviness. The video is even more disturbing. The band describe it as “a mix of horror and hilaritas, and features a reimagining of a brutal southern-Indian medieval ritual.” It’s definitely not for the squeamish and is probably unsafe for work. Directed by Sarah Dobbs, with special effects by SharpFX.

The album, which I partially reviewed here, can be streamed and downloaded at dropbunny’s FB page is here.



Engel is a Gothenburg band whose 2012 album Blood of Saints was reviewed here by DGR. He had this to say about the song “Frontline”: “It’s as radio-rock as this album gets, jumping into a solo within the first thirty seconds and then sticking to some straightforward as hell cheese. I actually quite enjoy this song because of that. ‘Frontline’ is almost shameless in what it is trying to be and is catchy because of it. It’s the musical equivalent of slamming a whole bag of Starburst down your gullet in about twenty seconds.”

The video debuted yesterday, and it’s live performance footage. And yeah, the song is catchy. Here are band links:



  1. Fuck Starburst! Opal Fruits forever!!!

  2. The new OBLIVION is tooooo fucking brutal. WHERE THE FUCK did they come from@???!!! Must hear more now!!!

  3. That Nekrogoblin video has it all; including Kayden Kross.

  4. Whoever is doing the marketing for Nekrogoblin is trying way way too hard, and it reeks of sad desperation.

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