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Our Sacramento-based contributor DGR hit me with a flurry of e-mails this morning, bringing to light a multitude of musical developments for your entertainment. I’ve now packaged them in this Sunday edition of the “Seen and Heard” post.


DGR began covering the work of this East Coast duo during the days of the sadly departed The Number of the Blog, and he introduced their work to NCS beginning last January. In addition to creating their own original songs, The Neologist have also been recording cover songs as tributes to their influences. They’ve made an entire In Flames cover album titled In Flames We Trust: Volume I, and they’ve also been releasing tracks from a work in progress by the name of Working the Soil, which will eventually become a complete album of Soilwork covers. And everything they’re doing is . . . free (or available on Bandcamp with a “name your price” option).

Today’s news is that The Neologist have just released their sophomore album of original music, The Promise of Eternal Separation.  This new album comes with a variety of “extras”, including a cover version of “Red Clouds” by Disarmonia Mundi, a dub-step remix of “A Call To Harms” by Jester Strikes, and two bonus tracks from the band’s Kazakhstan release and Vatican City release (both of which are due in October 2012).

DGR promises a review of The Promise of Eternal Separation, but the music is already streaming and available for download on Bandcamp (here), so go check that out. But that’s not all we have from The Neologist camp.

They’ve also uploaded another track from that in-progress Soilwork covers album, “Song of the Damned”. And you can find that one here.

Next . . .


This North Carolina band are another outfit DGR has been following. He named their two-song EP Odin Will Provide to his list of 2011’s best short EPs, and then in May of this year he wrote a feature that included a song called “Swampwitch” from their forthcoming album, One Chosen By the Gods.

Today’s news is that Aether Realm have a live video of themselves performing a song called “Hourglass”, which appears to be another new one. Here it is:


Conducting From the Grave are a Sacramento-based band who’ve gotten quite a lot of favorable attention from DGR here at NCS, principally in his reviews of their shows. The latest news tip is that the band have uploaded some pre-production demos from their forthcoming third album. As DGR wrote in his e-mail to me, this may be one of the few chances we’ll have to hear anything new from the band until 2013 — and it’s sounding good.


Soma Ras are yet another Sacramento-based collective who I learned about from DGR. I really liked their 2012 3-song demo and reviewed it here.  The Kennedy Veil are also from Sacramento, and their name has also popped up with favorable comments in DGR’s writings for us.

On September 14, both bands played at a show in Sacramento headlined by Rose Funeral. DGR missed that show because he was taking in the Anthrax-Testament-Death Angel extravaganza on that same night (reviewed here). The latest DGR tip is that RockHardLive captured some quality video from both the Soma Ras performance and The Kennedy Veil’s set, and here they are. The Soma Ras song appears to be a new one. The Kennedy Veil’s song is “Fractured Suicide”.


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