Mar 092013

Within the shantytown of Blogville, we were relatively early supporters of Italy’s Eyeconoclast, reviewing their 2011 EP Sharpening Our Blades On the Mainstream here. Last July, Prosthetic Records announced that they had signed the band and that Eyeconoclast would be entering the studio to record their first album for Prosthetic. We wrote about that, too.

And now the album is finished. It has a name — Drones of the Awakening — and a cool album cover (by Fabio Listrani), and it’s scheduled for release in NorthAm on April 16. And yesterday Prosthetic released a teaser reel of excerpts from each track on the album. Before offering a few potentially incoherent thoughts about the teaser, I want to make sure you know who is in this band.

It includes former Hour of Penance drummer Mauro Mercurio, bassist Paolo “Urizen” Ballarotto (who used to play with Malfeitor), guitarist Stefano Morabito (who is also a very talented record producer at his 16th Cellar Studios — he recorded the new album), guitarist Alessio Cosenza, and vocalist Giuseppe Di Giorgio (Black Therapy). In other words, Eyeconoclast is loaded with talent.

Okay, now that you know something about who’s in the band, here are some words about the new album teaser: decimating, mind-blowing, explosive, bludgeoning, accelerated, face-ripping, fleet-fingered, squalling, howling, unrelenting, bestial, infectious.

I could think of some more words, but since the teaser is just down below, I think that will do.

Drones can be pre-ordered here, the band’s Facebook page is linked below, and the album teaser follows that link. Oh, and if you still haven’t seen the jaw-dropping video of Mauro Mercurio recording one of the songs on that Eyeconoclast EP, go here without delay.


  1. Sounds cool! Dig the terminator inspired art too. Prosthetic has almost no straight death metal but that’s cool they grabbed a good one.

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