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(This is Part 2 of a two-part post, in which NCS contributor Austin Weber puts the spotlight on six underground bands. In this part the subjects are Terracide, Fields of Elysium, and In Human Form.  Part 1 can be found here.)

The new age of music has been creeping into a higher plane of existence for some time, due to more inexpensive and accessible sound-recording equipment intertwined with the development of  many new exciting avenues for independent distribution. Combined with the ability to raise funds without label support, this has leveled the playing field for the creation of new music. But this is a dual-edged sword because it can mean a lack of promotion for many groups who truly are doing great things. This is an article for those kinds of bands.


If Iron Maiden taught us anything it’s that melodies and metal rule, and I am a huge fan of anything from power metal to melodic death metal. Terracide are a new group from Washington, DC, playing a high-voltage combo of energetic power metal, thrash, and death metal. This is a step up from both your average melodic death metal, due to the huge power metal influence and flashes of thrash inherent in their music.

The three very catchy songs on Primordium cover territory that reminds me of Into Eternity mixed with Arsis and Conducting From The Grave. These songs are epic, expansive metal, and if this is just the beginning for them, their future is bright.  Of the “pay what you want variety” on Bandcamp.

Terracide also just announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund their debut album. The link to that is below.


Fields of Elysium Capax Universi

Fields of Elysium aren’t fucking around in their attempt to melt faces. Capax Universi sounds like a macabre crossover of Psyopus and Viraemia punishing their instruments into unknown sonic realms. They favor a approach where the guitars assault you endlessly with webs of unreal tapping and killer riffs. It’s a crushing overload, but  they allow for lush jazzy reprieves plus an instrumental closer that permits the listener to surface for air amid the nightmarish soundscape.

I found it on Itunes for $5, and all the songs can be found on their Facebook bandpage, so check it out!


In Human Form Earthen Urn

In Human Form, like Arkhum, are on to a new way of breeding vicious, forward-thinking black metal that draws heavily from death metal. These Massachusetts-based black metallers feature a lot of scathing tremelo madness but alter that formula with complex death metal elements.

Specifically (and the reason for their name), a huge Death influence is apparent and gives the album a unique vibe. Earthen Urn is a mature, contemplative record brimming with lengthy, rewarding songs and a fresh take on the style. The album is available for a mere $8 at their Bandcamp.


  1. Loving this series. Some great stuff. I’m really enjoying the Fields of Elysium EP. Glad the songs are long-ish but I could definitely do with some more.

    As I’ve written elsewhere a Jazz approach works so well in metal because of relative freedom from typical harmonic/melodic constraints. Modal solos instead of pentatonic runs and lazy locrian re-hash. Love it!

    • Thanks man glad you dug it! Completely agree with you and Field’s of Elysium integrate the jazz aspect in beautifully and authentically. Have you heard of Continuo Renacer or the solo jazz-metal innovator Felix Martin?

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