Jun 092017


We’ve been following In Human Form since 2013, reviewing both their debut album Earthen Urn that year and their contribution to the Northeastern Hymns split in 2015. Late last fall they independently released their second album, Opening Of The Eye By The Death Of The I, which was spotted by the sharp eyes and ears of I, Voidhanger Records — who will now release the album both digitally and on CD later this month. And that provides the occasion for us to stream a mammoth (and utterly fascinating) track from the album named “Zenith Thesis, Abbadon Hypothesis“.

For those who haven’t yet encountered the music of this Massachusetts band, it’s far from easy to classify in recognizable genre terms. The label refers to it as “an audacious blend of aggressive black metal and progressive music, tinged with jazz-fusion colours” and recommends it for fans of Abigor, early Satyricon, Taake, Enslaved, Death, King Crimson, and Frank Zappa. Not surprisingly, under such circumstances, the band conceived their own term for the music: “Atra Metalli Metaphysicam”. Continue reading »

Jan 272015


We have the great pleasure of premiering for you a full stream of an extended split release by four very talented northeastern U.S. bands, an album-length work entitled Northeastern Hymns that has quickly become one of my favorite releases of 2015.

Three of the bands — Obsidian Tongue, In Human Form, and Infera Bruo — make their homes in Massachusetts, while the fourth — Autolatry — hail from Connecticut. In each case, these long songs mark the bands’ first recorded output since albums that appeared in 2013. In each case, there is a connection to the genre of black metal, but other musical elements are more dominant. And together, they provide a tremendously multi-faceted and tremendously engaging array of musical creativity and instrumental talent. Continue reading »

Mar 092013

(This is Part 2 of a two-part post, in which NCS contributor Austin Weber puts the spotlight on six underground bands. In this part the subjects are Terracide, Fields of Elysium, and In Human Form.  Part 1 can be found here.)

The new age of music has been creeping into a higher plane of existence for some time, due to more inexpensive and accessible sound-recording equipment intertwined with the development of  many new exciting avenues for independent distribution. Combined with the ability to raise funds without label support, this has leveled the playing field for the creation of new music. But this is a dual-edged sword because it can mean a lack of promotion for many groups who truly are doing great things. This is an article for those kinds of bands.


If Iron Maiden taught us anything it’s that melodies and metal rule, and I am a huge fan of anything from power metal to melodic death metal. Terracide are a new group from Washington, DC, playing a high-voltage combo of energetic power metal, thrash, and death metal. This is a step up from both your average melodic death metal, due to the huge power metal influence and flashes of thrash inherent in their music. Continue reading »