Mar 172013

Yeah, it’s fuckin’ St Patrick’s Day. I usually look forward to this day, partly because I have a soft spot in my heart for the Irish even though I have no Irish ancestry and partly because, hey, any excuse to get wasted. And is there more to St Patrick’s Day than getting shitfaced? Does anyone sit in quiet contemplation of the contributions of the Irish people to the development of civilization?

But I have to say I’m not excited about Saint Shitfaced Day this year because I’m on the home stretch of the fuckin’ work project that has kept me away from Seattle for 3 weeks and counting. It’s now like a race to the finish, with Tuesday slated for the project’s completion, and I have no freedom to party at all today.

In fact, this is the only post I’ll be able to manage today, having worked til midnight last night and having started again at 6 a.m. this morning. Consequently, his will be real quick and dirty.


I saw that photo up there of the almighty Goatwhore playing at the IndieMerchStore Riverboat Party at SXSW in Austin yesterday. Fuckin’ metal. Also kind of different to see Goatwhore playing in broad daylight. Amazingly, they didn’t burst into flames.


I wrote about this band for the first time a few days ago. Later on the same day that I posted about their first streaming song, they put up two more.  Unfortunately, I don’t have time to say much about the songs — other than to make a strong recommendation that you check ’em out.

What first drew me to this band was the eye-catching line-up of session musicians and guests (see my previous post for details). And now I know that the main creative force behind the band, Morbid XIII, is also involved in a suicidal-depressive-black-metal band called Slitwrist that I wrote about last June.  Check the new DoD tracks:



I’m really impressed by the out-of-the-ordinary music of this Serbian band.  I first wrote about them five weeks ago after listening to the first song from their new EP Null: The Acheron of Multiform Negation. Now the whole EP, over 25 minutes of music, is up on Bandcamp (here) for streaming and download ($7 CAD).

I haven’t even had time to listen to the whole EP yet, but if it’s anything like the one song I heard earlier, it’s going to be killer. Check it out:



This morning I saw a strong recommendation from another band to check out Code Orange Kids from Pittsburgh. I have an instinctive lack of desire to check out bands who have the word “Kids” in their name. Nevertheless, for reasons I can’t articulate, I watched an official video they put out last fall for a song named “Flowermouth (The Leech)”.

Again being short on time, I’ll say that the song and the video hit me in the right place at the right time. I am pissed off that I can’t enjoy St Patrick’s Day in the usual manner, and this is one pissed-off detonation of heavy-assed hardcore punk, with a curveball of an outro that I thought was fuckin’ cool.  The video is well done too.

The song comes from an album by the name of Love Is Love//Return To Dust, which is on Bandcamp (here). Needless to say, I haven’t heard it yet, but I’m embedding the player below so you can check it out if you’re so inclined.

That’s all I got for this St Shitfaced Day. I hope you enjoy the rest of your goddamned day more than I will enjoy mine.


  1. Hey Islander, if you dig that Code Orange Kids (which I do, greatly,) you should also check out Gaza’s “No Absolutes in Huan Suffering.” Came out around the same time last fall and a very similar sound, slightly more metallic. I’m not normally a hardcore fan, but these 2 bands have got me reconsidering the genre \m/

    • Dude, I’m definitely a Gaza fan and I feel like an idiot for not jumping on that new album when it came out.

      • Should we blame you for Gaza breaking up, then? They just announced it last week. Bummers.

        • Shit. I’ve been so busy with my job I didn’t even see that news. Definitely bummers.

          • They said the following on their Facebook page:

            “Gaza is no longer a band. A big thank you to anyone that has supported us. Some of us will continue to make music together.”

            Their About section says, “Now bull shit free,” so there’s been lots of speculation about who went their separate ways, did it have anything to do with the rape allegations, etc. I haven’t heard anything more about it, though.


  3. Code Orange Kids: The fuck was that?! I don’t believe i’ve enjoyed an audio assault like this in quite a while!

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