May 122014

Mondays are usually big days for metal premieres, and today is no exception. We had one ourselves (but of course you’ve already checked that out, haven’t you?), and I’ve selected a few more that I thought were worth spilling some words over — and worth your ear and eye time, too, of course. I’ve included two of them in this post, along with another recent premiere; all of these are new videos.


I’m sure we could think or more things to write about this band’s new album Splinters, but we’ve written quite a lot already. So I’ll just crib from the last line of our review and leave it at that:  “Splinters is straight-up volcanic desolation at its finest”.

What’s new from Vallenfyre today is an official video for the title track, which premiered at Metal Hammer. It’s an excellent song and the video is a very well-made, very creative interpretation of the music. I quote from the band’s statement about the video:

Using a cinematography style set somewhere between the film Begotten and F.W.Murnau’s Nosferatu, the video tells the story of a man who finds a splinter growing from his side and as his condition worsens, the embodiment of his disease tries to take a hold. Hopefully this makes for a more interesting video than us just banging our heads, which no doubt we will be doing on stage sometime soon.

Splinters is being released today in Europe and on May 13 in North America. Pre-order here.







I was first drawn to explore Aborym’s 2013 album Dirty by reading that the band’s line-up included Paolo Pieri (Hour Of Penance) on guitars, keyboards, and programming, and Norway’s Bard “Faust” Eithun (Blood Tsunami, Mongo Ninja, Emperor) on drums, along with founder Fabban on vocals, bass, and synths. Last year I wrote about the first official video from Dirty, and today another one premiered.

The new one is for a song named “Bleedthrough”, and it bears certain thematic resemblances to that Vallenfyre video, though the music is quite different — a dark and dynamic fusion of industrial, death metal, and black metal. Here’s the video:







I last wrote about Austria’s Mastic Scum in February, and before that waaaaay back in July 2010 in the very first post of what became the MISCELLANY series. In February they premiered a new song named “The Vortex Within” from their recently released CTRL album. A few days ago we got another video, this one for a song named “Cause and Effect”, which also comes from the CTRL album.

The video was shot at the band’s CD release party earlier this year in Vienna, and it’s well done (though epileptics should avoid it). As for the song, it’s a headbanger’s delight, with a pneumatic industrial groove that’s really hard to resist and plenty of death metal voraciousness, too. Check it out:



  1. C T R L is one of those discs where I think we messed up by letting it fall on the backburner because man, have I been jamming it via Youtube and GenocideGenerator via Bandcamp lately. We may have to rectify this situations.

  2. It would’ve been nice to know about that Aborym dude’s dickface mask before I started playing it on my phone in the middle of calc class. Luckily, no one noticed.

    Also, I don’t know how much longer I can last until I kill someone for the new Vallenfyre.

    • OK, to my credit, I did actually think about putting a NSFW warning in the post. And then I thought you might come across this video in your calc class and decided not to.

  3. the Vallenfyre track is fantastic, i’ve really been looking forward to this album 🙂

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