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From the Vastland began life as the one-man project of an Iranian multi-instrumentalist known as Sina, following the end of his involvement in the prolific Iranian black metal band Sorg Innkallelse. From the Vastland’s debut album, Darkness vs Light, The Perpetual Battle, was released in 2011. That was followed by Kamarikan in 2013 (which we reviewed here), and then by a striking live performance that same year at Oslo’s Inferno Festival (reviewed here), where Sina was joined onstage by a such luminaries as Thor Anders “Destruchtor” Myhren (Myrkskog, Zyklon, Morbid Angel) on second guitar, André “Tjalve” Kvebek (Pantheon I, Den Saakaldte, Horizon Ablaze) on bass, and Vegard “Vyl” Larsen (Keep Of Kalessin) on drums.

From the Vastland has now recorded a third album that we’ve been eagerly awaiting. Its title is Temple of Daevas and it’s scheduled for release by Non Serviam Records on October 6, 2014. For the new album Sina again composed all the songs, performed lead vocals, and laid down the guitar tracks. He was joined in the recording by Vyl on drums, Tjalve on bass, and by Terje Olsen (Chton, Khonsu) as a guest vocalist for backing vocals.

Today we have the pleasure of premiering a stream of one of the new album tracks: “Wrath of Aeshma”.



When our Andy Synn reviewed Kamarikan, he concluded his lavish praise for the music in this way: “The whole album is a stunning demonstration of blinding metallic intensity and rabid, visceral passion which recaptures the frenzied integrity of the early days of Black Metal, but with a fire and ferocity all its own.” Those words hold true for “Wrath of Aeshma” as well.

The music is a blazing maelstrom of ravaging riffs, thundering/tumbling percussion, and demonic vocal fury. The needling tremolo runs course through the music like sinuous serpents, the writhing melody changing shapes as it coils around your head in a firm grip. And although Sina’s dynamic guitar performance is the star of the song, the drum and bass displays are riveting to hear as well. While radiating a palpable aura of malevolence, the song is bursting with vehement life at every twist and turn.

We will have more to say about Temple of Daevas in the days ahead — it’s another very strong outing from a very talented band — but “Wrath of Aeshma” is a good signal of what lies in store for you. Listen below… and for pre-orders of the album go here.




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