Mar 152015


(Our Norwegian friend eiterorm has stepped up to assist with a round-up of recommended new music.)

While Islander is away on duties, I promised to do a quick round-up of some of the news I find. Due to my music-to-words converter running at low capacity at the moment, I’ll leave it to you to find descriptive words for the music. So if you find that adjectives and metaphors are lacking, feel free to add your own in the comment field below. Despite the scarcity of words in this post, however, all the music below is highly recommended. Don’t just take my word for it; stream it all and hear for yourself.

Macabre Omen

Macabre Omen was founded in 1994 on the island of Rhodes in Greece. For the next decade, they recorded a variety of demos and splits until their debut album, entitled The Ancient Returns, was released in 2005. Now, another decade later, the Hellenes have unleashed their sophomore album upon us. The new opus, entitled Gods of War – At War, is an hour-long collection of epic hymns to Hellenic warfare, in the musical vein of Bathory. The entire album can be streamed below for your auditory pleasure.







Tengger Cavalry

Not too long ago, Islander posted news about the Chinese folk metal band Tengger Cavalry releasing a re-recording of their debut album, Blood Sacrifice Shaman. When Islander wrote that blog post, there wasn’t any music to share from the upcoming re-recording. Now there is, and I eagerly present to you the re-recording of the track entitled “Tengger Cavalry”. No Clean Singing introduced me to Tengger Cavalry, and now I’m introducing No Clean Singing to “Tengger Cavalry”.








No, there’s no specific news about a new album from the Finnish pagan metallers as of yet, but from what the band says, the album is currently in the making. Moonsorrow are not known to make rushed releases, though, so there might still be a while to wait. In the meantime, we can please our ears with a raw, alternative mix of the track “Kuolleiden Maa“, from their previous album, Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa. The new mix can be streamed below, but it is also available for download if you click the icon in the top right corner.








Akhlys was founded in 2009 by Naas Alcameth of the American black metal band Nightbringer (whose album Ego Dominus Tuus was featured on a lot of the readers’ best-of-2014 lists in December/January). The project started as an ambient music project, and the same year, a single-track album, entitled “Supplication”, was released. Since then, Akhlys has moved toward black metal, and the next album, entitled The Dreaming I, is scheduled for release April 10th by Debemur Morti. An edited version of the track “Consummation” is available for streaming in the player below.


  1. Always love me some Moonsorrow, even if it isn’t entirely new.

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