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(Responding to my constricted blog time, our Norwegian friend eiterorm has graciously compiled a round-up of new music and news for your entertainment and edification.)

The winds whispered in my ear that Islander has a lot of news to dig through (and a wife to persuade) before he can resume his passionate blog work. Here’s a guest entry to keep you slightly occupied in the meantime.


Because I decided to do this in alphabetical order, the news about Abbath is first out. Some of you may already know that the members of Immortal have been involved in a legal dispute over the band’s name. Due to musical disagreements, the long-running black metallers and weather forecasters have decided to go separate ways. Apparently, Abbath wanted to continue his career under the old monicker, something the rest of the band wouldn’t allow.

Recently it was brought to my attention that Abbath will continue making music under his very own pseudonym — Abbath. Whether future appearances will include panda face paint and crab walks remains to be seen. Judging by the recent photos from his facebook page, however, his aspect hasn’t changed. As contradictory as it sounds, however, this appears to be the end of Immortal.

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Next on the list is Abominor. NCS featured the song entitled “Opus Decay” last year, and now the entire EP, by the same name, is available for streaming. The album will be available on 12″ LP, CD, and Tape once the artwork is finished. In the meantime you can stream it in the player below. Play it ’till your ears bleed.

Because Islander says it better than me, I’ll leave you with his words from last August:

“Opus Decay” floored me when I first heard it. And then I kept picking myself up, hitting play, and being floored again. It’s a bruising experience, but one I can’t seem to stay away from. It’s raw and storming, and like a black hole it draws all light within the void of its gaping maw. And yet within this hurricane of black/death, you’ll find compelling riffs, neck-snapping rhythms, and slow interludes of spectral doom. The drum work is immensely powerful, the vocals will raise the hairs on your neck, and the bleak melodies are strangely captivating. The song is both spine-shattering and frighteningly hypnotic. Very, very impressive.








This next band has also has been mentioned on NCS before. Multiple times, even. But you know what they say: third time’s the charm. And that’s certainly true in this instance, because these German post-rockers have finally released their debut EP, entitled The Ocean. You can buy a digital copy for a price of your choosing, or you can purchase a physical copy for the humble price of €1. Either way, all the action is at the band’s bandcamp page.

But if you’re lazy or in a hurry, I’ve made sure to include the bandcamp player below as well. And in case you like videos along with your music, I highly recommend the music video for the title track, which I’ve also included below. If post-rock is your thing, this EP is not something you would want to miss.









Because NCS is such a great blog, even this next band has been mentioned before. The British black metallers of Ninkharsag recently announced that their debut album, entitled The Blood of Celestial Kings, will be released by Candlelight Records (CD) and Ulthar Records (LP) on April 27th. The album art is shown above, and this is what the band (heavily influenced by Sumerian religion) says about it:

The piece was drawn by the esteemed Karmazid and shows Enki and Ninhursag pouring the waters of creation into the sea of absu. We wanted something classic, elegant yet striking to adorn the cover of our first album and are extremely happy with the outcome of this piece.

For those who missed the previous post, the band’s debut EP/single, entitled The Essential Salts of Human Dust, can be streamed in the player below. Now you know what’s in store for you at the end of next month.









Last in this round-up, I present to you a live video of the song “Myr” by Taake, recorded in Bergen (Norway), May 2013, which was released just a few days ago. If you’re familiar with this Norwegian black metal band, you probably already know what’s special about this song. But at the microscopic risk of spoiling the surprise for the rest of you: IT CONTAINS BANJO.

Yes. Black metal banjo. Live on stage. If you’re not even a litle bit curious at this point, I honestly don’t know what more to say. And if you’re so excited you literally can’t wait to see the banjo in action, 3:20 is the magic number. You know what to do.



  1. Can I mention how disappointed I was that Taake didnt play Myr at last years MDF…because Id have been moshing like I dont know what to that banjo solo

  2. Please disregard any lack of fluency in this post. It was written just before bedtime.

  3. Is it just me or does it look like Abbath is behind a small black camel, or is that two dogs humping? Or is the migraine affecting my vision again?

  4. I had entirely forgotten about Morning Mode. Downloading that EP immediately.

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