Jun 192015

photo by Tim Flach

Greetings from the lovely Shreveport Regional Airport in northwest Louisiana. The project on which I’ve been slaving away in East Texas all week has ended and I’m now beginning to make my way back to Seattle after a late night of partying and an early morning of packing.

I’m feeling seriously metal-deprived, especially during the last week when I had almost no time to listen to anything or write about it. I’m going to start making up for that with a road trip to Vancouver on Sunday to catch Bolt Thrower, and then I think things will start getting back to normal around our putrid site on Monday or Tuesday, though I do have some thoughts for posts on Saturday and Sunday.

And because I hate to post anything without some musical accompaniment, here are two recent songs that I haven’t even heard, but have little doubt are worth hearing. The first one came via a tip from DGR, the second through a tip from TheMadIsraeli.


The first one is a song named “Cannibalistic Invasivorism” from the mighty Cattle Decapitation.  This one will not be on the group’s forthcoming album The Anthropocene Extinction. It’s going to be on a flexi disc accompanying the August 2015 issue of Decibel magazine; that issue can be ordered here. The Anthropocene Extinction will be released on August 7 through Metal Blade.






The second song comes in the form of a recent music video from Cut Up. The name is “A Butchery Improved”, and it appears on the band’s new album Forensic Nightmares album. I wrote about the video for another advance track from this album back in May (“Burial Time”), and I’m sure this new one is going to kick comparable amounts of ass.

And by way of background:  After Vomitory sadly bit the dust at the end of 2013, drummer Tobias Gustafson and vocalist/bassist Erik Rundqvist formed Cut Up with guitarist Anders Bertilsson (ex-Coldworker) and guitarist/vocalist Andreas Björnson (Fetus Stench). Forensic Nightmares is due for release by Metal Blade on June 30 (slightly earlier dates in Europe).




  1. Cattle Decapitation are always great and Cut Up are good too!

  2. both of these tracks are awesome, great stuff to look forward to 🙂

  3. Just heard Cut Up recently. Along with the Abyssal release, definitely some excellent death metal.

  4. It’s almost infuriating how even non-album tracks from Cattle Decapitation these days are still jaw-droppingly magnificent, and light years ahead of what most bands are doing quality-wise.

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