May 102015


I’m forging ahead with my weekend goal of collecting a dozen of the excellent new songs I discovered since the middle of last week. The first two installments of this extended round-up can be found here and here. There will be a fourth installment coming later today, and maybe a fifth one, because I’ve found even more exciting stuff since starting this project on Saturday morning. Also, Happy Mother’s Day. To celebrate, I thought we’d have some music that wants to tear your head off.

Those of you who regularly hang around here know that I’ve got a serious weakness for old school Swedish-style death metal. The first two songs in this collection are orbiting that particular star.


By my lights, Sweden’s Entrails can pretty much do no wrong. I already frothed at the mouth over the first advance track from their new album Obliteration (here), and last Thursday we got another new one courtesy of CVLT Nation.



“Obliterate” opens with a melodic hook and then proceeds to start carving away your fleshy parts with some decimating chainsaw riffs. That little melodic hook reappears again, vying for attention with the main riff, which is just as infectious. The vocals and the drumwork kill, too. These dudes know how to do it.

Obliteration will be released via Metal Blade on May 15, 2015. For pre-order bundles, visit this location.

P.S. There’s one more new track from the album named “Midnight Coffin” that premiered on April 22, and I’m including that one below, along with the first advance track (“Beyond the Flesh”) and this latest one.









After Vomitory sadly bit the dust at the end of 2013, drummer Tobias Gustafson and vocalist/bassist Erik Rundqvist formed a new band named Cut Up with guitarist Anders Bertilsson (ex-Coldworker) and guitarist/vocalist Andreas Björnson (Fetus Stench). They’ve recorded an album named Forensic Nightmares that Metal Blade plans to release worldwide on June 30 (slightly earlier dates in Europe). Last week they debuted a music video for a track named “Burial Time”, and holy hell, is it a galvanizing ride.

The song begins rampaging at high speed right from the start but switches up the tempo just enough to keep you off-balance, which makes it easier for the band to… cut you up real good. No anesthesia, but why would you want that?

The album can be ordered here.








The final song in this collection is another one from Peruvian thrashers Maze of Terror. I reviewed their 2012 Skullcrusher EP in September (here), and in December I wrote about a new single named “Lycanthropes”, which was then projected to appear on a forthcoming album named Ready To Kill.

Yesterday MoT revealed the album’s cover art by Mario Lopez, and it’s a real eye-catcher. The band also debuted another single from the album, and I’m digging it.

The vocals in “Violent Mind of Hate” do indeed spew hate in a venomous delivery of the lyrics, and the riffs come for your throat, too, while the extended guitar solo will seer your hair right off. And man, it’s a catchy tune, too. You listen to this, you might feel compelled to mosh with your furniture, so be sure to put the fine china away.

Ready To Kill will be released by Empire Records. No release date has been announced yet.



  1. Metal Blade’s got a helluva lot of juicy Swedeath coming our way. Can’t wait.

  2. I can’t wait to get the new Entrails, they’re so awesome and the new stuff sounds killer 🙂
    I didn’t know about Cut Up, that’s fantastic!

  3. Given the pedigree I shouldn’t be surprised the excellence of Cut up but fuck me, that’s some assripping death metal right there. Very curious about the full album.

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