Sep 172015

Intronaut-The Direction of Last Things


(We present the third part of Leperkahn’s jumbo-sized Thursday round-up of new songs an videos. Part 1 is here, Part 2 is here.)

Here we have yet another collection of new premieres. They certainly run the gamut, from arguably-not-metal to the very definition of metal-to-its-core, while also mixing big names with some lesser-known groups. Have an interesting trip below, starting with a new offering from Intronaut.


I’ve never really spent much time with these dudes. For whatever reason, nothing I’ve heard from them has really grabbed me (though what I’ve heard isn’t much –- they’re just one of those bands I haven’t really gotten around to). That seems to be changing with their new album for Century Media, their fifth, out on November 13 and entitled The Direction of Last Things.

The first track from it, “Fast Worms”, premiered yesterday via MetalSucks. The track starts out pretty early on with a hell of a heavy verse, reminding of The Ocean, with some proggier vocals in the mix. Some hints of Mastodon are in there, too, as well as a heavier, almost death-metal element that comes in at times. The more ambient middle section goes all kinds of cool places, too. Check it out below, and gear up for November 13th if you dig it.








Golden Void-Berkana


I’m going to admit to a bit of cronyism here: I start interning over at Thrill Jockey Records on Wednesday, and Golden Void are signed to TJ. Cronyism aside, these guys are pretty darn cool anyway, and feature guitarist Isaiah Mitchell from Earthless, so I probably would’ve said something about them regardless.

They’ve released two tracks thus far from their upcoming album Berkana (out Friday) -– “Dervishing” via Noisey, and just a few days ago, “Silent Season” via Decibel. The former has got a hell of a catchy melody, to the point that you’re almost mad at how catchy it is. The latter sticks there, too, although that one highlights the stunning guitar work of Mitchell much more, something that I can’t get enough of.

Give these a spin if you’re looking for a more laid-back break from the heavies, and want some crazy fluid guitar to go with it.









Sacrilege-Behind the Realms of Madness


Turns out this album and track were originally released in 1985, but frankly, Sacrilege sound just as vital now as they would have then. There’s a strong punk/crust influence to Sacrilege, as reflected in “Lifeline” from Behind the Realms of Madness, to go along with some dirty thrash. If Golden Void got you to a nice, mellow mood, prepare to have that fucked right up by the adrenaline rush Sacrilege will bring you. Look out for this reissue via Relapse on November 13th.








Cult of Occult-Five Degrees of Insanity


These guys play doom that can only be properly described as DOOOOOOOOM, in that it’s long as hell, slow as hell, and heavy as hell. As you listen to this new track, “Misanthropic”, you feel as if you’re getting lost in it, just as the faces in the album cover seem to have lost the heads they belong to. The album from which it comes is entitled Five Degrees of Insanity, and arrives on CD via Deadlight Entertainment October 15th, with vinyl via Vendetta in January. Check it out via CVLT Nation (and we’ve included the stream of another track from Bandcamp below):




    • Yes they are, but for a second I was soo pumped that it was gonna be news about the Swedish melodeath Sacrilege. They’ve been rumored (for the past 5-10 years) to have a comeback album in the works, but I’m skeptical, given singer/drummer Daniels commitments with In flames.

  1. Every Intronaut album is awesome, I’m soooo stoked for the new oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Also, you HAVE to see Intronaut live, they put on a good fucking show

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