Mar 302016

Nominon-Chaos In the Flesh Live


In early February I stumbled across a couple of live tracks by Sweden’s Nominon that were part of a limited-edition tape capturing the band’s performance at the Death Kills Festival in Stockholm in February 2015. After praising those two songs here as “electrifying, thrashing, skull-cleaving, ferocious stuff” with “great sound quality”, I noted that there “might be other editions of the album released in the future for those who aren’t tapeheads”. Well, that day is coming soon.

Morbid Skull Records and Deathgasm Records will be releasing a CD version of Chaos In the Flesh… Live! on May 13, and we’re bringing you the premiere of yet another track from this turbocharged live performance: “Submit To Evil“.


Nominon band


For those who may be new to this band despite their long history, they’ve been practicing their vicious art since the mid-’90s, with their first live performance being a gig in February 1996 supporting Dissection and Dismember. They released a string of demos from 1993 through 1997, leading up to their debut album Diabolical Bloodshed in 1999, recorded at the legendary Sunlight Studio in Stockholm. Many releases followed that one, including four more full-lengths, with founding guitarist (and later bassist) Juha Sulasalmi remaining the constant member over a career that has spanned more than 20 years.

Sadly, in late December the band announced that they were taking a break. Whether they will revive themselves remains to be seen. This live album will either be a hell of a final testament for a hellaciously good band or some red meat to feast on until the next fresh carcass arrives.

“Submit To Evil” was originally released as the opening track on Nominon’s 2005 album Recremation. I think your blood will start racing when you hear this romping, rampaging buzzsaw of Swedish death metal barbarity. Apart from the ferocious energy manifested in the performance, the song moves like an out-of-control roller-coaster, with dips and dives, swerves and curves, and the band nailing all the twists and turns with machine-tight precision. The vocals are also downright voracious.

Chaos In the Flesh was mixed and mastered by Javi Bastard (of the excellent Spanish band Graveyard) at Moontower Studio in Barcelona, and it features artwork by César Valladares.



  1. Would you recommend any particular one of their studio albums as an introduction to the band?

  2. This is seriously awesome, great artwork too 🙂

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