Apr 282016

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(Austin Weber continues to pitch in on round-up duty with the second part of a multi-part post recommending metal we haven’t previously covered. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.)

Spheron – A Clockwork Universe

I’m actually surprised that the new Spheron record, A Clockwork Universe, hasn’t been covered here yet since their last one got covered quite a bit at NCS. At any rate, Spheron’s latest is a fantastic record that deserves to be heard by more people! For those unfamiliar, Spheron play a particularly proggy and dense sort of tech-death with a stronger emphasis on complex rhythm riffing over flashy lead playing.

Spheron are also great songwriters, which helps put A Clockwork Universe head and shoulders above a lot of their peers. I could write forever about this one, but I leave the judgment of whether it’s rad to you, dear reader. In my opinion, the finesse and flair of the death metal on display in A Clockwork Universe will appeal to far more than the average tech-death head, so if that sub-genre turns you off generally, I bet you’d still dig this one!







Wanzwa art

Wanzwa – Wanzwa IV

Atlanta, Georgia-based instrumental metal act Wanzwa are yet another group I’ve somehow failed to cover here at NCS until now. A shame, since I’ve been following the project for a while, as well as the music of its guitarist Marty Eason.

So this is where things get weird and unpredictable, because Wanzwa doesn’t give a fuck what you think. Wanzwa IV is polyrhythmic heavy psychedelic experimental insanity, and loves to pull the rug out of from under you as soon as you try to pigeonhole it into one sound or style. Weird jams for weird times.







The Divorcee

The Divorcée – All My Heroes are Dead And They Are Never Coming Back

Some of you here might remember these guys since I covered The Divorcée a few times already here at NCS in. Most recently, in 2014 they dropped a hilariously titled mathcore record called Heartfucker. Now they’re on to album number two, and it’s called All My Heroes Are Dead And They Are Never Coming Back.

Chaotic and gnarly angular rhythms colliding with throat-scraping vocals rule the roost here, and The Divorcée have a great take on the math-grind, mixed kinda sound. So if you like stuff like Oblivionized, See You Next Tuesday, Psyopus, and Dillinger Escape Plan, you’ll love every second of All My Heroes Are Dead And They Are Never Coming Back. Don’t fight the chaos, embrace the void!







Save us art

Save Us From The Archon – L’Eclisse

Now we move things to a (somewhat) more soothing and proggy note with Save Us From The Archon, a group I’ve covered quite a few times now at NCS. For those who missed my prior posts about them, they play a math-rock gone super-technical form of instrumental prog metal full of fun riffs and gorgeous melodies. So, if you dig stuff like Chon and Sea Monkey Sea, and don’t know Save Us From The Archon, be sure to jam this one. It seems like these guys just evolve and expand with every release, so hearing L’Eclisse in all its glory has me just as excited, if not more, than anything they’ve released before this.







Solinaris art

Solinaris – Deranged

Last year an unknown Canadian band called Solinaris dropped a crazy three-song teaser for their then-forthcoming debut, Deranged. While Deranged didn’t end up dropping until very recently, that three-song demo of sorts got me super-excited to hear the album in full. If you like your progressive death metal technical, ambitious, and maybe a bit experimental, then Deranged is for you.



  1. I’ve had the Spheron record on my plate for a while I’m afraid, but just never got around to giving it a proper going over!

  2. theses guys,,,(and gal)~~~~ work hard and never cease to amaze me…….but, i’m kinda biased. they’re blowin up and it couldn’t happen to 4 nicer kids. fondly, da mom/aunt <3

  3. Spheron sounds very good. The four songs I’ve listened briefly to just sounds through-and-through professional in every aspect. I’d definitely like to hear more of this.
    Solinaris sounds good too.

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