Apr 282016

Spheron art


(Austin Weber continues to pitch in on round-up duty with the second part of a multi-part post recommending metal we haven’t previously covered. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.)

Spheron – A Clockwork Universe

I’m actually surprised that the new Spheron record, A Clockwork Universe, hasn’t been covered here yet since their last one got covered quite a bit at NCS. At any rate, Spheron’s latest is a fantastic record that deserves to be heard by more people! For those unfamiliar, Spheron play a particularly proggy and dense sort of tech-death with a stronger emphasis on complex rhythm riffing over flashy lead playing. Continue reading »

Aug 302013

(While attending the NCS Confab in Seattle, TheMadIsraeli managed to write this review of the debut album by Spheron, from Ludwigshafen in the south of Germany.)

It’s been awhile since any of us have turned in anything here except for Andy and DGR managing to scrape some shit together earlier this week, and I started to feel overwhelming Catholic guilt about my lack of effort.  I was wishing there was good shit coming out that we all hadn’t heard yet.   But in an odd move, it looks like what’s left for me now is to go back earlier in the year and pick up some things that we missed.

Our Best of 2013 So Far readers’ poll ended up providing me with a real treat.  I had seen the cover art for Spheron’s debut album before, and then saw  them mentioned in the aforementioned post.

Spheron are really the argument for the idea that finally seeing another Necrophagist record would amount to nothing more than complete and utter disappointment.  So many bands have taken what that band has done and stepped it up so much, and are much better songwriters to boot.  Spheron definitely have the songwriting down, as well as the technical chops and overall sound to match up with death metal greats. Continue reading »