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Grave Desecrator-Slaughtbbath split


For those of us here in the U.S., today is the beginning of a long weekend in which we celebrate the nation’s independence from another country, which recently declared its own “independence” from Europe and now can’t seem to figure out what to do next. But since we have a couple of presidential candidates here in this country that most people don’t like, I guess we’re having some trouble figuring out what to do next, too.

I nearly decided to take the day off from blogging, not because I’m feeling very “patriotic” but because I’m feeling really lazy. I decided instead to make a feeble compromise with myself: I have a ton of new music I think is worth hearing, but I’m just going to spread a lot of it out for your perusal without any commentary. I feel kind of shitty for doing that, not because you really need my commentary but because I think I owe it to the bands to explain why I think the music is worth hearing. But I guess this is better than doing nothing at all.

Tomorrow we’ll be bringing you an EP premiere and something else, probably another Shades of Black post and/or the first “That’s Metal!” post in months. Unless I continue to indulge my feelings of laziness.


AMPHISBAENA: “Chthonic Macrophagi”

From the MMXVI 12″ MLP/MCD, to be released by Iron Bonehead Productions on September 9 (originally self-released digitally at the end of last year, with Graceless Recordings then releasing it on tape this spring).





ASPHALT GRAVES: “The New Primitive”

A band featuring Jason Netherton (Misery Index, ex-Dying Fetus), Brent Purgason (GWAR), and Shannon Lucas (ex-The Black Dahlia Murder). From the debut album The New Primitive, which comes out July 8 via Vitriol Records.





BETRAEUS: “The Drought”

Three-track 2016 demo from this UK band.






DROWNING THE LIGHT: “Tenth Region of the Night”

Four-track EP by this Australian black metal band, released on June 17.






Excerpts from a new split album named Betrayed By The Sun / Hägringar by these two excellent bands, to be released by Season of Mist and Nordvis on September 16.







From Musica de Nuestra Muerte, a split release by Grave Desecrator and Slaughtbbath, coming on August 12 via Hells Headbangers.






From the album Dead Revolution, due for release by Metal Blade on July 22.





IN OBSCURITY REVEALED: “Spell of the Seeker”

Recently discovered, a four-track EP released in 2015 by this Mexico City band.





MANTRA: “Pareidolia”

A single from an album called Laniakea, projected for release on October 1.





MIZMOR: “Woe Regains My Substance”

From the album Yodh by this one-man blackened doom band from Oregon, set for release on August 12 (double-vinyl and CD) by Gilead Media.





NECROURGICA: “Gates of Gnosis”

From the debut full-length Further from the Grey, which comes out on July 29.





NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST: “Overkill Commando”

Full stream of the debut album by this Polish band, released on June 27.





SURGEON: “Forest of Ghosts”

Video for a song from this Philadelphia band’s third album, Beast of Light, coming out on August 30 via Anthropic Records.





TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE: “Within the Arms of Nothingness”

Another track from The Hecatomb, due for release on August 5 by Iron Bonehead Productions.





TEOREMA: “Karma”

A track from the self-titled debut album of this Mexican band, due for release by Via Nocturna on CD and digitally on July 29.



  1. Three thumbs up for the tracks from Asphalt Graves and Nuclear Holocaust 😀

    • That’s a potentially useful mutation you have there.

    • Agree on all counts, though it’s hard to pick favorites among so much great music in this post. I also enjoyed the Hammers of Misfortune song and regret not having paid attention to these guys previously.

  2. A veritable trevor trove of metal goodies,great stuff.

  3. Totally useless post, as author was too lazy even to mention genres of nearly all of those banfs.
    I hope he will put more effort in his next NCS post

    • Hey, give me some credit! I admitted I was feeling lazy. Honesty should count for something, shouldn’t it? (And yes, I should have at least mentioned the genres).

    • Look on the bright side – unless you knew each band beforehand, you could treat this like a consequence-free version of picking out a random album at the ol’ brick and mortar record store. I certainly found some awesome stuff in here I might not have found otherwise.

    • Cant tell if sarcasm or just a jerkass…

      …I promise though, if it really bothers you, you’ll survive taking 15 minutes out of your day and looking the names up on google

    • I’m really glad we only get people like you on here very rarely.

    • The really lazy thing to do would be to not do this post at all, bypassing all these songs/releases all together.
      I can assure you that just puzzling together an honest prologue, all images, links, embeds and a few descriptive words, is a whole lot of work by it’s own. Publishing several posts on NCS 365 days a year, must be a full, unpaid jobb with no vacation or time off ever, in its own right.
      You know what they say about speaking of things you don’t understand or lack knowledge of. Don’t.

      Also, (somewhat off-topic, but related, and what better time…) compared to 90 % of standard metal-news sites, Islander is one of few blog-hosts that puts his own mark on every premiere, by adding his own description, rather than copy-pasting the press release. Overall, NCS tends to go that extra mile in a highly dedicated manner. And to top it of, you probably couldn’t find a more positive, magnanimous and welcoming persona. Few are those who display that kind of integrity and deserve that kind of credibility.

      • I’m not sure who to thank more, “tyazhelyak” for provoking all this support or you for overwhelming me with such words. Actually, I do know: Thank you for one of the nicest comments I’ve yet read on our site.

        • Some things tend to go unsaid till the right moment occurs. tyazhelyak unintentionally triggered such an occasion. And thank you for deserving every word.

  4. I usually just skip to the music anyway 😛

  5. That Surgeon track is killer. They’ve managed to shoehorn some elements of Black, Melodic and Post metals into a mid-paced romp. Absolutely hypnotizing, and made me an instant fan. Great post!

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