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It’s not a well-kept secret that we here at NCS are ardent fans of Minnesota’s Amiensus. We’ve been closely following all of their releases ever since Andy Synn reviewed their debut album Restoration for us back in January 2013. Their latest album, Ascension, appeared last year (and we reviewed it here), and we premiered a new track named “Reflections” last April.

Since then, Amiensus have signed on with Apathia Records for the release of a new EP in the spring of 2017 and have laid the groundwork for the Dust of the Earth tour with Wisconsin’s Pangaea during September — which we’re now helping to announce. For details about that, plus music from both bands, plus more news updates about both Amiensus and Pangaea, please continue reading….


Amiensus band

The tour begins on September 9 in Madison, Wisconsin, and continues through the 19th of the month with a concluding show in Moline, Illinois, covering venues in eight States altogether.

Amiensus will be hitting the road with a new drummer — Chris Piette — as Matt Paulazzo is touring with Abiotic.

Amiensus also tell us that in addition to that new Apathia EP, they will soon be releasing a cover of a song by a classic black metal band and will also be doing a split release projected for January with another NCS favorite, A Hill To Die Upon.


Pangaea band

Pangaea have also acquired a new drummer, Michael DeMarco. We’ve learned that Pangaea have started writing for a new third album and will spend this fall working on that project (with the goal of entering the studio before the end of the year) and playing additional shows around the Midwest.


For those of you who haven’t yet explored the music of these two groups, we’ve embedded Bandcamp streams of each band’s most recent album below. For more info about the bands and their music, check out these links:






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