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Until 2015, Wombbath’s last album was 1993’s classic Internal Caustic Torments, but two years ago the band made a remarkable reappearance with Downfall Rising. That new album made a big impact on lovers of Swedish death metal worldwide, and was the source of a song we humbly anointed one of 2015’s Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs.

Wombbath followed the release of Downfall Rising with a triumphant performance at 2016’s Maryland Deathfest (reported here), and two 2016 split releases, one with Revel in Flesh called Dragged Into the Obscure and another with Departed Souls entitled Embracing the Cold…. And now they’re participating in another new split release — and we’re fortunate to bring you the premiere of Wombbath’s side, a song called “Smell of Lice“.

The name of the new split is Upward On A Thousand Lies, and on this new release Wombbath are sharing the vinyl with Germany’s Obscure Infinity. The split was released on January 13th on multi-colored wax by Germany’s Brutal Art Records.



In the modern revival of Wombbath, founding guitarist Håkan Stuvemark is joined by vocalist/bassist Jonny Pettersson (Henry Kane, Ursinne, Ashcloud, etc.), guitarists Al Riglin and Taylor Nordberg (Infernaeon), and drummer Jeramie Kling (Infernaeon, The Absence). It’s a winning combination, as “Smell of Lice” proves all over again.

It’s a mid-pacd song, but one that grows in intensity, as if a giant clawed hand is methodically turning the power dial in your head. The immense, grinding guitar tone and eerie, swirling guitar melody generate an aura of creeping darkness and ominous majesty — an aura given an even greater sense of poisonous peril by Pettersson’s carnivorous roars and echoing wails. That guitar melody conjures images of a vengeful poltergeist seething in the void — though it eventually transforms into a sparkling extended solo that’s made for a big packed arena of metalheads lifting their horns to the sky. Wombbath also picked a great way to end the song… with a blast of guitar squall that’s both grim and electrifying.

The genius of the song is in its combination of physical, head-crushing force and its creation of the disturbing sense that you’ve crossed over into another world, one haunted by dead things that still hunger and have learned how to cast hypnotic spells.




This new split EP will be limited to 300 vinyl EPs, and they’re available in three different colors (red, orange, and grey). The split features cover art by Vaizal Rotten Art. There is also a special limited Obscure Infinity shirt available. The prices are as follows:

EP (red,orange or grey) – 5,50€
Shirt – 12€
EP + Shirt – 15€

To order, you’ll need to message Brutal Art Records via Facebook:


Wombbath on Facebook:

Obscure Infinity on Facebook:



  1. Holy fuck, “Smell of Lice” sounds as rotten as the title is revolting. I like it!

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