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We have a couple of premieres coming later today (what a shock), but I found myself with a little extra time on my hands before we get to those, so I thought I’d package up a few new things that I heard yesterday. The first two come from established bands who are always dependably good. The second two come from new names that should become better known once the songs below get spread around.


First up is a pro-shot live video of Rotting Christ performing the title track from their 2013 album Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού. It was filmed on June 30, 2017, during the band’s headlining anniversary concert in Athens. From the looks of this (and of course the sounds), I really wish I’d been able to astrally project myself into that venue. And I think that’s all the introduction this video needs. Enjoy:









The mighty Wombbath have a new album named The Great Desolation slated for release on June 1 by Soulseller Records. I’ve already spewed a torrent of somewhat deranged verbiage about the album’s first single, “The Weakest Flesh” (I’ll include the song below in case you missed it), and now there’s a second track for your head-wrecking enjoyment.

The Weakest Flesh” is a combination of mountainous, golem-like lurching, war-like gallops, and tank-like rampaging. You can feel that guitar tone all the way into your spinal fluid; the dismal melodic currents settle into the mind like an invasion of doomed wraiths; the soloing is eerie and unsettling, the vocals horribly inflamed.

Cold Steel Salvation” is the new one, and it’s a mid-paced crusher, highlighted by swirling leads and an extended guitar solo that will pop your eyes open and leave a smile on your face. Excellent drumming on this one (as well as on the first track), and once again, the vocals are terrifyingly good.













Now I’ll turn to those two new names. I learned of the first one via an e-mail from NCS backer HGD, who wrote: “Californian death metal band Mortuous, comprised of current and past members of Necrot and Exhumed amongst others, released the first single from their upcoming album Through Wilderness which is scheduled for release through Carbonized Records and Tankcrimes on June 22.”

This new single, “Bitterness“, really is tremendously good. But before we get to that, check out the list of guest performers on the album:

Chris Reifert (Guest Vocals on “The Dead Yet Dream” and “Anguish and Insanity”)
Danny Coralles (Solo on “The Dead Yet Dream”)
Derrel Houdashelt (Solo on “Through Wilderness”)
Teresa Wallace (Flute on “Screaming Headless”)

Now, as for “Bitterness“, it clearly has its roots in the old school death metal of such bands as Autopsy and Incantation (among others), and it’s a powerful new addition to those traditions — dynamically paced, vocally monstrous, melodically memorable, and both gruesome and fiery in its execution (the soloing alone should heat your blood to the boiling point).

Cool cover art, too, rendered by Marald Van Haasteren.











To close this little collection I have another new name. Diabolic Oath are a trio from Portland, Oregon, who cite such influences as Teitanblood, Blasphemy, Beherit, Necros Christos, and Bestial Warlust. Their debut MMXVIII demo was released via Bandcamp on April 13th (a tape edition is in the works) and consists of four tracks and about 23 minutes of plundering audio horror.

On the one hand, the music is capable of methodically pounding the average listener into jelly. On the other hand, the music is also capable of viciously ripping the average listener into strips of meat and then grinding them into hamburger, while serenading the victims with an array of hideous roars and lunatic shrieking.

Unlike some black/death bands, Diabolic Oath dish up diabolically good riffs in these tracks, to go along with plenty of head-hammering and gut-punching by the rhythm-section and a generally corrosive atmosphere of oppressiveness, terror, and barbaric violence. Vigorous headbanging is to be found here, along with the stench of evil incarnate. What a gruesome delight this is.





  1. I’ve kind of tired slightly on death metal in recent times, but damn that Mortuous song just rips my skin straight off before sprinkling salt on my open flesh.

  2. wow–this was a great platter of tastiness all around. Rotting Christ had never clicked with me; their songs didnt seem to flow right. But that concert song was AWESOME. obviously, they would be awesome live. i intend to give their recorded stuff another try. any suggestions? Wommbath–already love them since last album and can’t wait for the new one. Mortuos–excellent stuff, along the lines of Incantation. finally Diabolic Oath (killer name by the way)–i dig this one too. I can see the resemblance of Teitanblood though they are less murky sounding (except the last song). At times they remind me not of Teitanblood but of Sulphur Aeon (a huge compliment!), though DO songs are somewhat repetitive in comparison. If they can diversify their songwriting they will be a band to follow.

    • Of course, different people have different favorites among the Rotting Christ discography, but the album that proved to be my gateway into their music I still think is an excellent gateway (and still one of my favorites): “Theogonia” (2007).

      And this song in particular I will probably never get enough of:

    • You could honestly start at Theogonia and work your way to the most recent one and have a pretty good time, especially if you shuffle it all up since they’ve gotten really good at writing one particular style of song. I think Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού might be the dark horse contender as the best of their most recent three. There’s also Non Serviam and Trilogy Of Lost Lovers that they still break our stuff from live, from the earlier parts of their career.

      And yes, they are tremendous fun live. I got to see them with Watain and Mayhem and was kind of there for just them.

      • Cool thanks. That sounds like a killer show, those 3 bands. Fuck. I saw Mayhem a few years ago, they were great.

  3. I clicked the link to hear the new Wombbath, which is awesome of course, but ended loving the tracks by Mortuous and Diabolic Oath! Nice!! 🙂

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