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Almost exactly two years ago we premiered a blood-freezing track from Progenies Ov Light, the second album by the Cuban black metal band Skjult, through which its lone member Conspirator channeled dark and devilish creative impulses. Now we have the good fortune of premiering a song from the band’s forthcoming third full-length, Lucifer Hominum Salvator, which is coming out on March 17th via Satanth Records.

While still driven by devotion to Luciferian anticosmic themes, Skjult has followed a path of musical progression, which was evident in the movement from the first album to the second, and is evident again through this third record, which Satanath correctly sums up as more melodic, less raw, impressively dynamic, and propelled more deeply into the depths of hell. The music raises memories of early Watain, Necrophobic, Valkyrja, and early Dark Funeral, and we have a prime example of these sensations in this new track, “The Sight“.



In its overarching atmosphere, this new song is perilous and poisonous, chilling in its effect, yet a musically nuanced experience that becomes increasingly enthralling.

Mid-paced and deeply menacing at first, the music pairs seething tremolo’d riffing with variable drum rhythms that are both ritualistic and crazed. After a brief pause following the song’s opening movement, the riffing transforms into an urgent, rapid pulse, with maniacal drum-bursts and a pestilential, demonic voice venting rage and cruelty.

Throughout the song, the drumming remains a vibrant and unpredictable presence, while the whirring, multi-layered chords and rapidly flickering leads channel feverish frenzy and chilling bleakness, and strummed fretwork transmutes the sound into flares of dangerous grandeur. The vocals themselves also morph, mutating between grating wolfish growls, imperious, roaring proclamations, and wild cries, further adding to the song’s frightening dynamism



Lucifer Hominum Salvator was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Profane Misanthropic Craft Studios in Havana, Cuba. The design and layout of the album are the work of Misanthropic Craft Designs.

As a further sign of what the new album holds in store, we’re also including a stream of the album track “Sacred Flames“, which is offered as a free download at Bandcamp. Pre-orders are available now:



01. Lawless God
02. Under The Serpent’s Banner
03. The Sight
04. The Way Back To The Source (Instrumental)
05. The Fall (Interlude)
06. A Star Down Below
07. Sacred Flames
08. Lvcifer Hominum Salvator (Ritual)
Length – 46:59



  4 Responses to “AN NCS PREMIERE: SKJULT — “THE SIGHT””

  1. For some reason I just got to thinking about that first Deicide premier long ago. Fuckin’ good pancake!

    • Oh man! I’m not sure anyone in the world besides besides you and me will remember our first premiere or “fucking good pancake”. Made my night to read this.

      • I still rock a Fucking Good Pancake tour shirt on occasion!

        This site makes my evening often. It’s why I’ve been lurking around for all these years!

        • I still have my copy of that shirt too. I still dream of wearing it to the grocery store or while strolling down the main street of the little town near where I live on a Saturday morning… and still don’t have the nerve to do either of those things.

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