May 272020


(Vonlughlio has brought us another recommendation, which he describes in this post — a 2020 demo by a relatively new band from Belarus.)

Being able to write here on NCS about the bands in one of my favorite genres (Brutal Death Metal) is something that I have been grateful for, to help spread the word with the hope that readers will find something they might like.

I am always on the lookout for releases coming up from new and unknown bands that will grab my attention. So on that note, I have to write about a band called Grimentity who released their three-song promo To Perfection this past February — two original tracks and a Lock Up cover.

The project is a trio hailing from Minsk, Belarus, that was born in 2018, combining death and grindcore elements.   Soon after their birth they released their first demo The Power of Broken, with two songs that gave a great representation of their music.  The band is Roman Drobishevski (drums), Pavel Lapkovski (guitar, vocals), and Nikita Metelskiy (vocals, bass).



I became aware of this band since the guitarist is part of Relics of Humanity a BDM band that I love, and so I decided to check Grimentity. I am glad I did so, because this is an excellent demo that displays their musical abilities through a great combination of grind and death, with a production and song structures that are pure, straightforward hate —  spiteful, in-your-face music.  When you listen you can appreciate each of the instruments as they play their key roles in this effort and shine through in 8 minutes of killer riffs, furious blast-beats, and crunchy bass lines, with vocals patterns that fit 100% with the music.

I’m really impressed with what they have to offer and can’t wait for them to release a full-length. If the demos are an indication of what that sound is going to be, well, sign me up. So if you have the chance, please give them a listen. To Perfection is available as a name-your-price download on Bandcamp.





  5 Responses to “GRIMENTITY: “TO PERFECTION””

  1. Hey, I love this site, together with Heavy Blog is Heavy, Last Rites, Invisible Oranges and Angry Metal Guy, I check out your site and reviews and tips for great underground new bands most days at present. I love the passion and honesty that you bring to this site and the reviews and interviews. But please don’t review bands that have such misogynist CD covers (even though I know giving a Belarusian band some profile is great, given how little we hear of bands from that country), whether the misogyny is intentional, done to shock or just something that the band isn’t thoughtful enough about. CD covers of women’s bodies like this is just not on. Devourment have deliberately changed their lyrical style to no longer include any misogynist or sexist themes. I think leading metal sites like this can do the same. This stuff reproduces the rape culture that perpetuates violence against women. We need to do better. I want an extreme metal world without misogyny or sexism, and where it’s safe for all. These CD covers don’t build safety for all into our world. Thanks for listening, and really genuinely appreciate all the work you put into this site. Rodney

    • Not agree! Grimenity cover looks dope and artistic. Agree about stupid porn/gore covers that are so many around, but its huge difference between what you see here and there. cheers

      • Yes, there are so many of those around! I don’t see them as very different to this image, however. This is an image of a dismembered women’s body, I don’t see an artistic image, I see sexual objectification and dehumanisation of women. This is not what I want for the women and girls who I love in my life, nor for female extreme metal musicians. Cheers, Rodney

        • Sorry I’m late to the party just had to comment.

          The NCS team (led by Islander) is always classy and respectful. I actually feel that other sites that you mentioned have viewpoints etc that are worse in other ways that I will not pinpoint.

          Not bashing, just wanted to point out that this album cover reminds me more of TDEPs 2004 classic Miss Machine than anything misogynistic. I could be wrong but I am a fan now regardless. Hope you enjoyed the listen as much as I do, Rodney!

  2. First of all, thanks to both of you for having such a civilized and respectful discussion. That’s part of what we have always been fortunate to enjoy here at NCS , and it’s good to see it continuing. Second, although I think the subject is worthy of discussion, I had a very different interpretation of the cover than as one that was misogynist. I thought of it more as trippy or psychedelic, which might be supported by the lyrics of the opening track. There’s actually nothing in the title or lyrics of the two cover songs that puts it in the category of “rape culture” or violence against women.

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