Jun 302020


(Here’s Vonlughlio’s review of a debut brutal death metal album from Indonesia that “stands out from the masses.”)

This time around I have the chance to talk about the band Chancroid from Indonesia, whom I’ve been a fan of since 2015 when they released their promo that year.  There are a lot of BDM projects from Indonesia — they live and breathe the genre. Sure, there are a lot of same-sounding bands out there in this genre, but this is one of the cases that for me stands out from the masses.

After their 2015 promo the band released a demo in 2018 that continued their musical path with a raw production that is most welcome for the song structures they created. There’s not a lot of activity from the this project compared to others, but keep in mind that this is an underground group and things usually work a lot slower.  I did not know when they would release an EP or full-length.



That changed this year when their label Brute! Productions announced they would release their debut album Bestial Perverse of The Anomalies Psychoneurotic. That news came out of nowhere and yours truly was excited, to say the least.  Well, the release date came, and the results are exciting. This is pure BDM with a raw sound that gives the extra punch to songs that are just filthy and your face. It is a great example of what IDDM has to offer to the rest of the world.

As soon as the album landed in my hands I played it three times back to back and each time I listened it got better and better.  This is a sleeper BDM hit of 2020. Not a lot of people are talking about it yet, but they should. The songs are diverse and hard-hitting. The riffs are insane. The blast-beasts are ferocious. And the consistent quality of all 10 songs makes the final product so enjoyable. One of my favorite aspects are the vocals, which are just great in transmitting the feeling into each track while keeping the patterns fresh. They make a perfect fit with the music, something that I always pay attention to while listening to any project.

This really is a release that needs all the attention it can, and the same is true of their label Brute! Productions. They are underground and love BDM with passion and it shows in their continuous effort to release music that can appeal to any fan of the genre.

Below is the label’s Bandcamp player, where you can listen to Chancroid’s debut album in full. Also check out the other bands on the label’s roster. Give them a listen — I hope it’s to your liking, and if it is, please give them your support.





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