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(In this review Vonlughlio provides a strong recommendation for the new second album from the UK brutal death metal band Oncology.)

Today’s subject is an amazing band from the UK named Oncology, who on July 17th released their sophomore album Omniversal Antigenesis via Rising Nemesis Records.

This is a project that started in 2014 and released a single called “Prelude to Oblivion”. The following year they released their demo The Metastasis consisting ofthree songs.  But I discovered them in 2016 with their first album Infinite Regress and right away became a fan. Really enjoyed the riffs in each of the songs, very quality writing, and vocals that fit the music perfectly.  The drums on this release were programmed, but well done I might add.



The lads in this project are great musicians who know what they want, with a flawless execution in the music they are able to create, an underground act that keeps pushing forward and in my view needs even more recognition in the scene.

Four years passed until we got their sophomore effort, and the wait has been worth it.  In this time they got a live drummer (who performs on the new album), enhancing the sound of the band.  The growth is pretty evident in Omniversal Antigenesis, in terms of songwriting and sound, which transcend their previous excellent work. The lyrics deal with thoughts and emotions that that are capable of destroying yourself and everything else, with hate and destruction.

In this release the band put out a record that is very good, filled with amazing riffs that bring joy to my ears, with vocals that are very good in transmitting the feeling of the lyrics to the listener, and with drumming that’s executed with no mercy!!!.  Overall, the effort for this new product makes it clear these guys are on a mission to create something special in the BDM realm.  And the lyrics, to repeat, are one of my favorite aspects of the record, dealing with the end of everything (and with horror movies among other things). Not the typical gore, but nonetheless very different and fresh.

For 29 minutes the album engages the listener with a soundtrack filling you with different emotions while the world is sent into a blaze of destruction. Once you finish listening, the odds are high that you are going to press play again to go through the same experiences without delay.  For me, this is a release that still needs more recognition, though it has been out for a couple of months, so below is the full stream and I hope you’ll like it.




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