Aug 182022

The last 24 hours brought forth a deluge of new songs and videos, from names both prominent and obscure. It completely messed up my plan to use today’s column as a way of continuing to catch up with new stuff that emerged over the last week. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to that, but everything in the following collection is hot off the presses.


Prepare for a heaving and stomping death/doom horror of massive proportions that screams, roars, and leaves pain and madness in its wake… and also convulses in outbursts of mindless marauding savagery, all of it accompanied by a suitably chilling video. So deep into their career, Autopsy still know how to make even long-lived metalheads sit up and take notice.

The song is from the Morbidity Triumphant album (September 30 via Peaceville).




Prepare for another kind of deathly horror, one packed with viciously writhing and blaring riffage, war-zone drumming, and vocals that bark like a big rabid mastiff — but this horror also crawls through festering burial earth, gouges your guts, and wails in agony.

King Of All Terror” is from the upcoming album Viscera (September 30 via Season of Mist).




Prepare for absolute ferocity, a turbocharged onslaught of obliterating drum violence, incendiary riffs, berserk leads, and varying vitriolic vocals that discharge harrowing lyrics which show no mercy to the church… laced with melodies of misery and madness and coupled with a brand new, attention-seizing video. Take deep gulps of air before starting….

Of Rats and Men” is from the album Gnavhòl (September 23 via Indie Recordings).




Prepare for yet another mad riot, a paroxysm of thunderous drumming, mind-scouring vocal ferocity, and fast-hanging riff-gasms that blare, spasm, jitter, and cavort like demons in the throes of lust, plus grandiose heavy metal chords, a fret-melting solo, and a general air of unchained wildness. As the video portrays, hell awaits!

Arena at Dis” is from the album Through Sheer Will And Black Magic… (October 14th via 20 Buck Spin).



HAGETISSE (Netherlands)

Prepare for music that’s dense and feverish, but dire and downcast in its moods. The rhythmic drives pump fast and hard, and the vocals are both throat-ruining in their crazed intensity and strident in their proclamations, but this moving wall of ravaging sound is filigreed with crystalline melodies, and somehow the whole thing creates a mesmerizing melancholy allure.

The song is “Verbrande huizen symboliseren het geluk” and it’s off a new album named De verminkte stilte van het zijn under one of Maurice de Jong‘s many guises (October 14th via Babylon Doom Cult Records).




In keeping with the generally unhinged nature of the music in today’s column, I’m closing with a just-released EP by this avant-garde West Virginia band whose previous music I’ve raved about before. Prepare for abundant dissonance and discordance; dramatically changing tempos, drum patterns, and decibel levels; a cornucopia of deranged and ravenous vocals; and well-placed doses of skull-cracking groove.

The songs twist and turn with abandon, drawing upon a rich palette of weird and warping tonalities to create moods of torturous tension, hallucinatory peril, asylum-ready insanity, and savage rage. The closing track is a stunning instrumental that takes the music off even further into the land of dreams, both enticing and perilous, and it easily loops you back around to the freakishly seductive opening instrumental.

Oh hell, the whole EP seems like a nerve-firing and skin-chilling dream. Before I even reached the end of these 14+ minutes I resolved to buy it.

This untitled EP, just released today, was mixed and mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, the Thousand Caves. He also performed bass and keyboards on the EP; Kevin Paradis again handled the drums; and of course the whole enterprise is led by guitarists Eric Gill and Dan Long and vocalist Paul Ozz. The EP’s cover art was created by the great Santiago Caruso.

P.S. Total Dissonance Worship has announced pre-orders for the release of a vinyl edition that combines both this EP and the band’s previous one.


  1. Every song was an absolute ripper

    • Absolutely right… until venturing into Rejoice! The Light Has Come, which seems maybe more like spinning around in a house of mirrors than ripping. 🙂

  2. I’ve but one thing to say about that Daeva video:
    YES! YES! YES!

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