Sep 062022

The origins of Deathsiege may be traced to a filthy rehearsal room in Tel Aviv Hell where drummer and main songwriter A.M. (Har, Kever, and more) began work on the project in 2019. Shortly thereafter he was joined by vocalist and guitarist J.S. (Svpremacist), and the two of them recorded their debut demo Cannibalistic Patricide that same year. If you know anything about the bands those two have on their resumes, it won’t surprise you to know that it was a ferocious and scathing outburst, rendering three tracks in less than seven minutes.

Having lit their flamethrower they kept firing it with another demo in 2020, and that’s where we first discovered their campaign of enraged ruination. Unworthy Adversary raced through seven tracks in less than 12 minutes, and in a review here we acclaimed it as “hellishly good”: “If it had been longer it might have put listeners at risk of adrenaline overload and ensuing stroke”.

Now here we are, on the other side of pandemic hell (or so we hope), and Deathsiege are ready to uncage their debut album Throne of Heresy via their new label Everlasting Spew Records. For this first full-length the original duo are joined by new main guitarist and songwriter T.D., turning the band into a marauding international trio.

With Throne of Heresy Deathsiege have given us 12 tracks. Nine of them do their savage work roughly within the bounds of one-to-two-and-a-half minutes, but this time the band have also expanded their usual range, propelling the other tracks into three-to-four-minute territory. One of those is the title song, which we’re bringing you today as the new album’s first single.

Even with a new songwriter in their midst Deathsiege haven’t tempered their blasphemous fury in the slightest, nor have they taken a polishing cloth to their sound. The riffing still sounds rough and raw; the drumming is still maniacally unchained (and still technically jaw-dropping); the vocals remain utterly rabid, like a demonic beast that’s been whipped into a voracious frenzy.

The song hits like a raging blast-front of roiling and rampaging black/death madness, harsh to the ears but thoroughly exhilarating. The soloing spears and spirals out of the churning barrage with ear-piercing clarity and exultant wildness, and the plethora of solos is one reason why the song is longer than average — making the extra time well worth it.

There’s also a feeling of violent exultation in the riffing, and the drumming is pure fire, capable of accelerating the listener’s pulse into the red zone all by itself.

This promises to be an explosive album, and one that should rocket Deathsiege out into a much wider audience slavering for head-spinning, heart-exploding extremity.

Throne of Heresy was mixed and mastered by Tom Cohen at Forneus Studio, and it features suitably infernal artwork by Serpent Above. It’s set for release on October 28th (CD, Tape, digital, with vinyl coming in early 2023), and it will be available for pre-order soon via the link below.

Everlasting Spew recommends it for fans of Perdition Temple, Concrete Winds, Degial, and Angelcorpse.



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