May 102013

Demonhood Productions, as I learned this morning, is a relatively new Norwegian label mainly focusing on underground black, death, and thrash metal. It was established in 2012 as “a cooperation” between Duplicate Records and Neseblod Records. As I also discovered only this morning, they released a compilation in March that’s a free download on Bandcamp. Entitled Enlightened Darkness, it consists of 14 tracks by 14 different bands.

I’m not familiar with all the bands on this comp, but the names I do know are impressive (and we’ve written about them here at NCS): Nekromantheon, Wormlust, and Cobolt 60. The compilation also includes a song by a Czech band named Cult of Fire that I’ve recently become interested in. In fact, that’s how I found this comp.

Last year Cult of Fire released their debut album Triumvirát through Demonhood; one of the tracks from that album is what’s included in this comp. However, Cult of Fire are now signed to the German label Iron Bonehead for release of their next album (which should be coming in 2013). This morning I saw that Iron Bonehead has started selling a Cult of Fire shirt called “Insane Dance of Kali”, and it’s so eye-catching that I promptly ordered it (here). This is what the shirt looks like (it comes in black and white): Continue reading »

Sep 122012

(Andy Synn reviews the new album about to arrive after a 10-year hiatus from Norway’s Cobolt 60, the two-headed beast that includes members/ex-members of Blood Red Throne and Satyricon.)

To paraphrase a well-known ape, “the only good thrash, is black-thrash!” And death-thrash. Look, the point I’m trying to make here is that over the years my love for the thrashiest of sub-genres has waned pretty dramatically, coinciding with a steady increase in my love for the more “extreme” sub-variants of this music we call metal.

For example, here’s a list of the “-thrash” bands I’m digging these days, all of which are more at home in the black and brutal camp than the high-tops and heshers one: Hellish Outcast, The Wretched End, Skeletonwitch, Vreid, Aura Noir, Ancient Ascendant, Goatwhore, The Crown, The Konsortium… it’s a big list.

Anyway, my point is that to really get my blood pumping these days an album has to offer more than just a thrashy sound and a pissed off vocalist. It’s got to have more grit, more heaviness. Just more. And The Grim Defiance is certainly more than just another blackened thrash album. Continue reading »

Aug 172012

This is the second part of a round-up of noteworthy news and music I picked up while browsing the web today. The first part is here.


I was introduced to Norway’s Cobolt 60 by my NCS co-writer Andy Synn via a post he wrote in February about the band’s debut album Meat Hook Ballet — an album that came out 10 years ago and was then followed by . . . 10 years of inactivity. Cobolt 60 began as a team-up between Daniel Olaisen, a/k/a Død of Blood Red Throne, and BRT’s original vocalist Flemming Arnesen-Gluch, a/k/a Mr Hustler (who handled both drums and vocals on Meat Hook Ballet).

What led Andy to write about the band’s debut album was the whispering of rumors that Cobolt 60 were working on new music. Now we know the rumors were true. On September 14, a new album entitled The Grim Defiance will be released by Demonhood Productions/Neseblod Records, and pre-orders can be placed at this location.

But that’s not all. As of today, two tracks from the album became available for streaming — “Hammer the Creationist” and “Sort”. I have a feeling that Andy will be reviewing the album when the time is right, so I’ll just say that if you want to burn yourself with a dose of superb black thrash hellfire, you should listen to these two songs . . . and you can do that right now: Continue reading »