Feb 062018


I decided to give the “SEEN AND HEARD” title a rest today, if only because DGR used it twice yesterday. And yes, even though his two-part round-up tossed eight new songs and videos at your head to start this week, I have many more I want to hurl your way, too. Most of what I’ve selected tends to hit like a plague of tornados, hence the title to this post.

As the post title also implies, I’ve divided this collection into bite-sized pieces rather than one massive meal (and the next bites will likely be smaller than this first one). I haven’t written the other parts, but will attempt to dribble them out as the day goes on. I’m going to do something similar with a SHADES OF BLACK series as well, picking up where I left off on Sunday. There is just too damned much good metal coming out!


It seems that Dimmu Borgir and Vesania drummer Dariusz “Daray” Brzozowski has formed a new band named Dante, along with guitarist/vocalist Lucas and guitarist Yony. Their debut EP Paranoidosaur will be released digitally on February 22nd, and yesterday they revealed a lyric video for a track called “Fathers Die Sunday“. Continue reading »

Feb 042016

Tombs-All Empires Fall


This is called Part 2 because it follows another round-up that I posted on Tuesday. I intended to post this second half either later that same day or yesterday, but my fucking day job shoved those plans aside without so much as an “Excuse me, asshole”.

In the meantime, of course, I found more stuff that got me excited, making this post longer than originally planned and also providing fodder for a further follow-on post. Barring another rude interruption, I’m hoping to get that ready for tomorrow (it might come under the heading “Shades of Black“). As for the length of this one, just bookmark the motherfucker and make your way through it as time permits. You really ought to sample everything here.


This is one of the songs that reared its head after I had originally planned to post this collection. Actually, it didn’t just rear its head — it kicked down the door, busted up the furniture, and then set the place on fire. Continue reading »